Saturday, April 23, 2011


Not entirely sure WHY I am posting this...
I was just thinking about Sean Connery... and I thought: how old is this guy???
He was born in 1930 ??!! That means he is 80 years old !!??!!
I remember years ago, I always thought he was very hot... and NO I am not into old men. But honestly, he was a very good looking older man.
As I was trying to find pictures of how he looks like now, (I image google searched Sean Connery 2011 --- i love image google search) I stumbled upon some old pictures of him.
Is this a weird question if I wonder if Sean is ... gay???
Is he???
He certainly looks gay in some of these pictures.
What is up with the red leather???? Where is this from???

Sean Connery is still genius

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