Sunday, April 10, 2011


A while ago I posted something on Valentino... I think it was after I'd seen the Valentino movie. I was so touched by him. He was so CUUUUUTE!! With his fat pugs in his insanely big mansion, all dressed up and orange... I then thought that it was a bit of a shame how the new designers were taking over and were changing his original idea of how a Valentino woman should look like...
But now the movie is in the past and we moved on and I am absolutely LOVING the new look.
I love how the casting of the show and campaign is young and cool. The hair and makeup is simple but cool... a bit grunge.... and the clothes are amazing!! Which is weird for me to say because I dont even wear dresses!! But I do wear AND can afford the accessories. Ha! I love the studs on the shoes and bags. It makes such a classic shape suddenly becomes so ... cool?
haha! How many times can you use the word COOL... Lordy lord!
Bon, soit ... I am buying myself a new bag, and I think I am going to get a Valentino bag...
One of these will do

Now I just have to ask one of our friends over at the fashion dept. to get me a discount :)
The Confirming Friend loves a good stud on a good bag

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Liv said...

They are all really cute!