Monday, March 28, 2011

Nail art .... yeah ... it's art !

I'm like OBSESSED with nail art these days !!
While I was snooping around on Facebook, going from one friend's page to another... Clicking on other people's profiles... Checking out lives of people I dont know (I LOVE doing that ... Yes I admit) ... I bumped into this one girl. Her name is Naomi Yasuda. She's a nail technician here in NY and she makes INSANE nails!!
You cant call it a manicure anymore ... its ART !!
Burgers, Hello Kitty's, Mini Mouse, Chanel logo, diamonds... I mean... you name it, she paints it ON YOUR NAIL !!
I mean ... You know how TINY a nail is to fit a f***ing Hello Kitty face on it????
I remember about 1,5 year ago, the door person of this store I used to work at, told me about his girlfriend doing nail art... He had some pictures of the nails she did... And I looked at him... thinking: wow, so ghetto and WRRRRONG!!!!
I CLEARLY changed my mind! I am obsessed now. The only thing I am thinking these days is: grow your nails woman and get your nails done!!
Another thought ... I probably also should think WHAT I want on my nails, because I want them ALL !!

This is the place where you can get it done:
The Confirming Friend says GO and grace your nails with some art ... they deserve it!

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Kathryn said...

Wow, the nails are absolutely incredible!