Monday, March 28, 2011

Nail art .... yeah ... it's art !

I'm like OBSESSED with nail art these days !!
While I was snooping around on Facebook, going from one friend's page to another... Clicking on other people's profiles... Checking out lives of people I dont know (I LOVE doing that ... Yes I admit) ... I bumped into this one girl. Her name is Naomi Yasuda. She's a nail technician here in NY and she makes INSANE nails!!
You cant call it a manicure anymore ... its ART !!
Burgers, Hello Kitty's, Mini Mouse, Chanel logo, diamonds... I mean... you name it, she paints it ON YOUR NAIL !!
I mean ... You know how TINY a nail is to fit a f***ing Hello Kitty face on it????
I remember about 1,5 year ago, the door person of this store I used to work at, told me about his girlfriend doing nail art... He had some pictures of the nails she did... And I looked at him... thinking: wow, so ghetto and WRRRRONG!!!!
I CLEARLY changed my mind! I am obsessed now. The only thing I am thinking these days is: grow your nails woman and get your nails done!!
Another thought ... I probably also should think WHAT I want on my nails, because I want them ALL !!

This is the place where you can get it done:
The Confirming Friend says GO and grace your nails with some art ... they deserve it!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hello Hello Hello!
Haven't written on my blog for ... uuuh ... a really long time.
Anyway, here we go again.
There is the amazing brand called WARBY PARKER.
They make glasses and the frame AND glasses are only $95 ... NOT KIDDING!!
And there is a very good cause attached to this brand: For every pair you buy, 1 pair of glasses goes to someone who can't afford buying glasses.
Since my sister gave me a pair of baby blue glasses, I'm obsessed with wearing them!!! (Its the Roosevelt Bondiblue ones)
The splash of color on my face is simply GORGEOUS. Yes... I said I am gorgeous ....