Friday, February 26, 2010


My title has nothing to do about what I will say in this post...
NY Fashion week was FUN for the first time.
I didnt have crazy hours of working on castings... because I didnt cast any shows this season.
I was just happy at my office during the day and partying the fashion parties at night.
We already passed London fashion week, I know. But I just want to tell you this.
I actually LOVE Michael Kors...
It might be weird, but his fabrics and his clothes looks so RICH.
And I tell you. It's all about looking rich sometimes...
I wouldn't say no to these numbers here below.

The Confirming friend says: buy clothes that make you look RICH

Friday, February 12, 2010

How about I tell you about MY first day of fashion week

I arrive at work today and my colleague goes: you heard McQueen's dead?
One of the most talented designers of my time decided to leave us behind... HOW SAD!!!
If you think if all those great shows he did!
That last show he did w the crazy shoes and the prints!
The red lips he once did and the cans on the model's head.
The guys show where all the guys looked like they escaped Sweeney Todd.
The hologram of Kate Moss.
Sooooo many good shows...
I was thinking to myself... Typical. It's the most gifted and highly intelligent ones that commit suicide.
You see it all the time. They can't handle it....

After that I had to break the news I am changing jobs.
Feels like a break up!!!

The day went quite well after. No too much stress.
Just some cancelations again...

At 8pm I went to Erin Wasson's show.
Saw Yeasayer play. Awesome!
The show was at ABC carpet, which was amazing bc we were all sitting in carpets...
stacks of carpets!

And then... I saw Patti Smith play... she is insanely amazing and inspiring!
She said: Be Alive. Be Happy. Be Proud. Work Hard.
I thought that was such an amazing thing to say.
She laughs on stage. Has fun. Interacts w people. SINGS AMAZING!!!!!
She's my new hero. She's my mentor.
Tomorrow I am checking out all her music.

The Confirming Friend had a very spiritual day today and heavy weighed w weird news...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Playlist February

Writing on this blog all of a sudden became something totally retarded.
I decided today to only write about what I notice in fashion (like the other kazillion blogs) and music (like, yeah, another billion blogs).
I realized how totally retarded a blog is anyway.
Like, who on earth wants to read about what The Confirming Friend puts on her face???
Or what she eats??
Or who she thinks is hot???
So yeah.
You should check out and create the radio station: aril brikha.
You're like at a minimal trance berlin party. but it's not that hard, you can't listen to it at work.
It's actually quite amazing how you can listen and work to it. But at the same time, you can totally go out on it.
It's dark but oh so good.
Have a look at the following artists:
Pantha Du Prince - AMAZING
Alex Dolby
Woody McBridge
Krash Garett
Pitch Black
Aril Brikha - AMAZING

The Confirming Friend is annoyed w the stupidity of a blog but loves listening to dark minimal/trance