Thursday, January 28, 2010


I never really understood the brand Valentino. As in: I thought it was just too old fashioned and I would've never thought of buying Valentino (as if I could afford it even!! duh!)
But after I saw that amazing Valentino movie, I was totally in love w him.
The way he makes his drawings and loves making gorgeous dresses, is so phenomenal.
You get it after the movie.
It's his passion and he was like one of the only old skool designers left (Karl Lagerfeld is still around!!)
But, the guy's finally retired.
I went on and looked at some of his couture shows. Here's quickly some pieces

Now 2 new designers took over: Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli.
I think they used to be his accessories designers... (not sure actually)
It's so not Valentino anymore...
Which I dont know if that bothers me or if I think thats good.
I actually really LOVE the collection, but I'm just wondering what Valentino would say.
Or Balenciaga... because it reminds me a bit of that as well... and actually a bit of Rodarte comes to mind also...
But I dont care. I LOVE IT and I think it's gorgeous!!

The Confirming Friend needs to get on that red carpet and wear some Valentino...

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