Tuesday, January 26, 2010

They call it Couture

After the mens shows come the haute couture shows.
Just to let you know that haute couture in the 30ties was what fashion was about. Ready to wear did not exist.
It's Mr. Saint Laurent that came up w RTW ...
so its Haute Couture shows again and fabrics are being thrown around and draped on the skinny bodies of these amazingly gorgeous models.
Givenchy is the most amazing show so far.
I love how he makes his women look gothic but at the same time amazing and chic.
Oh please dear God, let me also wear one of these frocks in a couple of years on the red carpet.
(for some of you who may not be aware yet. I WILL become a world famous actress in about 5 years time and I will most certainly shine on the red carpet in an amazing and so out of place dress that the press will for sure talk about me for years to come... and no I will not look like Drew Barrymore, bc she's ALWAYS the one that fucks it up (style.com - look her up). No, for those who know me, I will look my quirky yet gorgeous and stylish me!)
Here are a couple of things I like.
I like the model in the clothes. I love the makeup and hair. and I love how the model and make up make the clothes come out so extravagant even though its super beautiful!

The Confirming Friend would like to place her Givenchy red carpet order... like now... like...

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