Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It's all about bringing old models back in editorial world.
As if Naomi, Christi and Claudia don't have enough $$$ yet. Jezus.
(Although I don't think they do it for money... They just LOVE modeling and being in the spotlight and centre of attention... Who wouldnt????)
For some oldies it works, for others it doesnt. (and then for 1 it keeps on working and there has never been an away or back or revival or whatever: kate smoss ...duh)
BUT if there is 1 model I just fucking LOVE she's back, then it's my all time fave TANGA!
Gap teeth AND belgian.
I was so in love w her.
Years ago when I was working in a casting agency in Paris, they already tried to get her back.. but it wasnt the time yet.
Or maybe she didnt feel like it yet.
Inez and Vinoodt shoot her for Vogue Paris, and HUP! She's finally back!!

The Confirming Friend loves gaps and belgian

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