Thursday, January 21, 2010


I was looking at the new mens shows and I noticed something weird.
Can someone tell me what they are holding in their hands??

And why does Adam Kimmel have these awful masks??

Whats up w the props at Paris mens fashion week??
If there is an explanation to Dries Van Noten's prop: please tell me. I'd love to know. I'm sure its something that has use...
( I thought it was a rasor machine or an umbrella???)
But Adam Kimmel... I dont know if I like it.
Or maybe I just have to think this is extremely funny??
What would Martin Margiela say to this I am wondering...

The Confirming Friend is not liking ugly masks


Sunster said...

Hey, B.F.S.I.T.W.

how are you , will be see-ing you soon I guess.
Originally the models were going to be walking the run way , with mini Ipods and portable speakers, but the speakers weren't load enough, so now these were som e other sort of speakers, but I think they were picking up the music via blue tooth , or something
So yeah, they were all walking down the run way with these mini speakers on full volume, sound track was great, but yeah I was BS so don;t know how it sounded in the room

Anonymous said...