Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm in love again...

Andrew Weir (casting director) took pics of these models during Milan fashion week and posted them on
I'm in love w Paul Boche.

The Confirming Friend wants to get married...

Shades of glory

Retro Super Future.
Cheap AND cool sunglasses.

They collaborated w Chocolate (skateboard company) as well for some cool sunglasses.

The Confirming Friend says: to hell w high end sunglasses... (for as long as you can't afford it haha)


I never really understood the brand Valentino. As in: I thought it was just too old fashioned and I would've never thought of buying Valentino (as if I could afford it even!! duh!)
But after I saw that amazing Valentino movie, I was totally in love w him.
The way he makes his drawings and loves making gorgeous dresses, is so phenomenal.
You get it after the movie.
It's his passion and he was like one of the only old skool designers left (Karl Lagerfeld is still around!!)
But, the guy's finally retired.
I went on and looked at some of his couture shows. Here's quickly some pieces

Now 2 new designers took over: Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli.
I think they used to be his accessories designers... (not sure actually)
It's so not Valentino anymore...
Which I dont know if that bothers me or if I think thats good.
I actually really LOVE the collection, but I'm just wondering what Valentino would say.
Or Balenciaga... because it reminds me a bit of that as well... and actually a bit of Rodarte comes to mind also...
But I dont care. I LOVE IT and I think it's gorgeous!!

The Confirming Friend needs to get on that red carpet and wear some Valentino...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

They call it Couture

After the mens shows come the haute couture shows.
Just to let you know that haute couture in the 30ties was what fashion was about. Ready to wear did not exist.
It's Mr. Saint Laurent that came up w RTW ...
so its Haute Couture shows again and fabrics are being thrown around and draped on the skinny bodies of these amazingly gorgeous models.
Givenchy is the most amazing show so far.
I love how he makes his women look gothic but at the same time amazing and chic.
Oh please dear God, let me also wear one of these frocks in a couple of years on the red carpet.
(for some of you who may not be aware yet. I WILL become a world famous actress in about 5 years time and I will most certainly shine on the red carpet in an amazing and so out of place dress that the press will for sure talk about me for years to come... and no I will not look like Drew Barrymore, bc she's ALWAYS the one that fucks it up ( - look her up). No, for those who know me, I will look my quirky yet gorgeous and stylish me!)
Here are a couple of things I like.
I like the model in the clothes. I love the makeup and hair. and I love how the model and make up make the clothes come out so extravagant even though its super beautiful!

The Confirming Friend would like to place her Givenchy red carpet order... like now... like...

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I was looking at the new mens shows and I noticed something weird.
Can someone tell me what they are holding in their hands??

And why does Adam Kimmel have these awful masks??

Whats up w the props at Paris mens fashion week??
If there is an explanation to Dries Van Noten's prop: please tell me. I'd love to know. I'm sure its something that has use...
( I thought it was a rasor machine or an umbrella???)
But Adam Kimmel... I dont know if I like it.
Or maybe I just have to think this is extremely funny??
What would Martin Margiela say to this I am wondering...

The Confirming Friend is not liking ugly masks

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It's all about bringing old models back in editorial world.
As if Naomi, Christi and Claudia don't have enough $$$ yet. Jezus.
(Although I don't think they do it for money... They just LOVE modeling and being in the spotlight and centre of attention... Who wouldnt????)
For some oldies it works, for others it doesnt. (and then for 1 it keeps on working and there has never been an away or back or revival or whatever: kate smoss ...duh)
BUT if there is 1 model I just fucking LOVE she's back, then it's my all time fave TANGA!
Gap teeth AND belgian.
I was so in love w her.
Years ago when I was working in a casting agency in Paris, they already tried to get her back.. but it wasnt the time yet.
Or maybe she didnt feel like it yet.
Inez and Vinoodt shoot her for Vogue Paris, and HUP! She's finally back!!

The Confirming Friend loves gaps and belgian

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


It's mens shows in Milan.
Just went quickly through some shows.
Prada, Jil Sander, Burberry...
Here's some things I wouldn't mind seeing on myself:
The gloves!!! for my bike

How I want to look like next winter! (or even now already)

I want that jacket!

AND I wouldn't mind walking next to these guys

Not the boots ...

Mint !!

Mint is not only good to eat I realized lately.
I have been buying beauty products that contain mint.
Like my Neutrogena daily face scrub .
Your face feels so fresh after and it tingles and you feel super clean.

I also have this new shampoo from this brand Bosley.
I went out Friday night and had to work Saturday all day.
So I take a shower and wash my hair w the shampoo and after you put the conditioner on for like 5min.
The mint (or whatever it is that smells and feels minty) makes your head feel so alive, its unreal!
Hangover gone in 10min!!
Again A-Mazing!

The Confirming Friend LOVES minty things to put on your body !

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dickbai ...

Dubai has a new building...
It's the biggest one in the world.
Highest swimming pool. Highest mosq
These oily richkids.... tsssss.... Just want to have everything the biggest and the most expensive.
Are they trying to compensate???

The Confirming Friend loves Dubai and wants to live in the penis building!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"I want to be stuck at a party forever"

Happy New Year everyone!
Soooo... yeah. I want to be stuck at a party forever.
I said that yesterday at work and I surprised myself w it. What a thing to say for a girl that's at the end of her twenties!
I though I would've grown up by now... Still the same crazy chick that loves the party a bit too much.
Sometimes I think I'm addicted to partying, but I guess I'm just addicted to the stuff thats being done at parties...
(dancing, laughing, drinking.. duh!)
Of course there are reasons why I said that sentence.
I was listening non stop to all these floaty/trancy music hits, and I got all nervous and was thinking about how much fun my birthday party was (which is new years eve by the way, so no wonder i'm always having fun and want to have fun!!)
This said,
here's my playlist of January 6:
Chromatics - Running up that hill
Emmanuel Top - Acid Phase
Seduce me - white label/belgian track by tiziani
Outlander - The Vamp
Age of Love (Jam & Spoon watch out for Stella Mix)- The Age of Love
Joey Beltram - Energy Flash
The XX - Crystalized
Anasthasia - T-99
This is Acid - Maurice Joshua
Winter - Aril Brikha

The Confirming Friend loves trancy floaty music.