Wednesday, December 23, 2009

this decade is soooo finished!

Last day at work today.
Before the new year that is.
What have we achieved this year?
* got my NY visa
* was broke to the point where I had to sublet my room and eat out of people's fridges
* fixed my bike and got amazing legs now (haha)
* was producer for The Last Magazine #3 (and contributed on issue #4)
* got myself a REAL paid job as Bookings Editor
* got a couple of amazing good friends
* discovered partying again!
* stayed for 1 year in NY without going home to my mother (will finally see her in 3 days)
* saw the grand canyon and death valley
* fell in love w the USA!
* got even more environmental friendly
* discovered red lipstick and leather pants
* booked Erin Wasson's show and that was totally awesome
* rediscovered R&S records and Acid House 1990 - 1994 (to the point where it's just annoying everyone that I am talking about this constantly
* became fully single
* and of course Lara Stone being my all time fav model

The Confirming Friend is ready for the new year... Which has a lot of surprises ... already I feel it.

1 comment:

jasmieni said...

lara stone= amazing
& jij bent ook amazing! heb een filmpje gezien op belmodo van je..mag ik je kleerkast hebben? :o