Monday, December 14, 2009

Hottest picture of the week!

Some pictures you just can't stop looking at.
It's something that just draws you to them.
Like a magnet.
Look at the picture here below.
Abbey Lee has one of the hottest bodies of the moment.
I think its her boobs and the texture and color of her skin.
I'd so go lesbian for her !
Although thats not true...
I already worked w her a couple of times and she's just nice and sweet and not the hot chick you want to f***... (ooops!! languaaaage!!)
(and I'm not a guy and I'm not lesbian.... that's maybe why I think this)

She's hot and she deserve the place as hottest picture of the week.
The Confirming friend LOVES hot pictures. and LOVES Abbey Lee's upper body.


Sunster said...

what say thee is wrong with her lower part ??
You single out her upper body as aweosme, I find nothing wrong with her bottom half either
hey , that stomach looks familiar doesn't it


The Confirming Friend said...

because in this picture you can only see her upper body sonny...