Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Every day is jewelry day

I love new discoveries especially if its about jewelry.
I got invited to a birthday party and the birthday dude sent me an email w this email address that says: thesamenicepeople.com
Unfortunately, this busy woman, can't make it to the party BUT luckily I got curious enough to check out what those Same Nice People were about.
Looks like it's 2 hot dudes making clothes AND jewelry.
How I know they are hot??
Well, the dude that sent me the email, is very hot (he's sort of a friend and you should trust me on my opinion on hotness) and the dude in the pictures (here below) is hot too !!
I am guessing the "model" is oart of the nice people gang...
So yeah. The jewelry is really cool because it's not the typical girly shit.
These guys make jewelry for guys. And that's what makes it awesome!

The Confirming Friend loves TheSameNicePeople.com !!!

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