Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This weekend I went shopping and bought new paints...
If there is one piece of clothing I LOVE, then it's pants.
For a while I went for the high waist wide pant... They're comfortable and you can hide away in them and don't show your body...
Convenient I thought...
I also thought I'd never go back to the skinny tight pant.
Well, there is a difference between skinny jeans and tight pants.
Skinny jeans is like the worst invention ever. If you don't have a model shape type of leg, then forget about them...
A tight pant on the other hand, is MUCH better. That is if it's tight around the area where you want it to be tight... which is the butt area of course.
So yeah, this weekend I changed my mind about never going back to tight pants and I bought a jean: $25.00 in the vintage shop around my corner.
They're red in the front and black in the back... and they are SOOOOO tight!!! you have no idea!!
But they are oh so hot! An absolute hit!!

The Confirming Friend is obsessed w tight pants!