Monday, September 7, 2009

Police state

I am finally going to say it and mean it...
(oh wait ... didn't they already make a song about this?? fuck da police!!!!!!! - obviously I'm not alone in my hate)

Anyway, here goes my story,
On a beautiful Friday night at the lovely hour of 3am, I was walking down the street in an area my friend who accompanied me, assured me was the fastest and nicest road to take home.
Me, kind of drunk, had to be supported half of the time as my high heels were feeling like I was walking on needles...
He, kind of drunk, supporting me...
All of a sudden I felt the need to check out a playground that was on the side of the road.
There was no gate or anything. You could just walk on it.
As we did, 2 police cars stopped and 4 cops got out.
They asked us to get off the playground and give our id's.
Me, being my friendliest ever, started to chat away w one of them.
It was a "pleasant" conversation about nothing at all besides a murder that just happened around the corner the night before.
After my conversation, the one cop that got my id, gave it back w this cute little pink paper... saying: you have to go to court...
Why: I disobeyed the sign...
I said.. What sign? And what's the crime??
He said: The sign right there (pointing out the sign on the fence in the blackest dark of the night)
Asking again what I did wrong. He said I can't walk on a playground.
I was hysterical in tears!!!
A summons to go to court because I didnt see the sign for not walking on a playground that didnt even had a gate???
Since when is walking on a playground a crime????

I hope you never have to encounter a bored cop... because honestly you will get in TROUBLE !!

The Confirming Friend does not like the police.

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