Friday, September 18, 2009

she's my hero

Luckily my sister and I are not the only ones riding our bikes through NY on high heels...
you should see the looks on faces when we do...
And the questions!! "How can you ride a bike on high heels???"
Well, it's easier than walking on them... you just have to peddle... No spiky heel that makes you feel like you're walking on a needle...
checking out's street style... and look what I find...

A men's bike...
A leather skirt...
High heel wedges...
Not sitting on her seat...

The Confirming Friend LOVES girls in high heels on bikes
(she does not like the dyke looking chicks on a fixie...)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I didn't really know if I liked his last collection...
Ok, there are some amazing pieces in it, but its just not 100% my thing...
And I do not like the shoes at all... ugh... Hate the heel...
THIS sumer collection however , is much more what I like.
Can't wait for the cute sandals, the most amazing pants and skirts!!! and I love the thin loose leggings...

the Confirming Friend loves the MJ summer collection

Friday, September 11, 2009

Doctors in the United States of America

I went to see a doctor and he prescribed me a $3000 antibiotic that is the heaviest of heaviest antibiotic .
I have a little wound turned into an abcess.
I am allergic to sulphur.
My doctor, the head of intensive care of Beth Israel Clinic, told me my abcess is peniciline resistant.
How does he know? mmmm.. well, he looked at it. From 1m distance, and decided it was resistant to peniciline.
Then he looked in his computer and decided I needed to take an antibiotic that was going to be quite expensive...
$800 to a $1000 he said...
I was like: ok i guess... whatever it takes to get healthy!
I went to Duane Reade to get my drugs. The guy goes: you aware of the price? I said: uhu. He goes: it's high in price, right?. I go: uhu, I'm aware... He goes: It's $100/pil... I go: hold on... I need 28 of those... He goes: yeah. It's $3000...
So we looked to some solution, being: me buying 3 pills for $300 so I could start my cure... and the next day let the pills get fedexed from Belgium.
I thought that was a good idea.
I call my friend in Belgium and tell her about the antibiotic. She was looking it up and was going to send it to me.
She calls me back later. She goes: do you have a fever. I go: no. She goes: what the hell do you have? I go: an infection.
She goes: you can't get this antibiotic in a pharmacy here. You have to be hospitalized for it. She goes: it's an antibiotic that is the heaviest of them all. It's for example when you have a high fever from a terrible infection when your leg gets amputated and a bug got into it...
She goes: you need to be closely followed with blood samples to see if you dont get blood thickening.
She goes: the antibiotic costs 1300 euro here.....
I'm almost getting a heart attack...
Next step was:
I went to another doctor. At a cheap hospital. He looked at it. Took a sample of it to go to the lab and told me my antibiotic was too strong. He prescribed me another one... $20 for 20 pills.
He said: it's going to be fine... No stress.
I was like: Really? He goes: yes. I go: thanks. He said: you're welcome.

Up until today, I am still alive. My infection is still there. Less painful. and it's healing.
Why did the director of the intensive care decided to bombard me with this heavy antibiotic that would internally completely kill me????
I dont know....

the confirming friend is NOT a fan of the doctors in the united states...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Police state

I am finally going to say it and mean it...
(oh wait ... didn't they already make a song about this?? fuck da police!!!!!!! - obviously I'm not alone in my hate)

Anyway, here goes my story,
On a beautiful Friday night at the lovely hour of 3am, I was walking down the street in an area my friend who accompanied me, assured me was the fastest and nicest road to take home.
Me, kind of drunk, had to be supported half of the time as my high heels were feeling like I was walking on needles...
He, kind of drunk, supporting me...
All of a sudden I felt the need to check out a playground that was on the side of the road.
There was no gate or anything. You could just walk on it.
As we did, 2 police cars stopped and 4 cops got out.
They asked us to get off the playground and give our id's.
Me, being my friendliest ever, started to chat away w one of them.
It was a "pleasant" conversation about nothing at all besides a murder that just happened around the corner the night before.
After my conversation, the one cop that got my id, gave it back w this cute little pink paper... saying: you have to go to court...
Why: I disobeyed the sign...
I said.. What sign? And what's the crime??
He said: The sign right there (pointing out the sign on the fence in the blackest dark of the night)
Asking again what I did wrong. He said I can't walk on a playground.
I was hysterical in tears!!!
A summons to go to court because I didnt see the sign for not walking on a playground that didnt even had a gate???
Since when is walking on a playground a crime????

I hope you never have to encounter a bored cop... because honestly you will get in TROUBLE !!

The Confirming Friend does not like the police.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Meg McCabe

favorite model of this season!!
and more seasons to come.
superstardom already

Erin Wasson

This bitch is fucking amazing !
Besides being the hottest chick in the universe, she is now also the dopest designer in the universe.
You better buy her shit !

In case you don't get why I'm talking like I'm from the projects... Erin talks like that.
And she can... because she's awesome bitches!!!!

The Confirming Friend is expecting all of you to see her show!
(I'm there doing the casting by the way)