Sunday, August 23, 2009

too many things to mention

I'm sooooo fucking STUPID for not writing on my blog anymore.
I have a million things to say.
my roommates cat hurt me the other day.
or, i went to warwick a week ago and ate the best ice cream in the world, straight from the cows.
or, I am finding a bunch of old clothes again to wear and they look damn good
or, I enjoy drinking alcohol again.
Or I saw the most amazing surf movie projected on a big wall in Williamsburg called "Dear and Yonder". (AMAZING)
or, I have a job at Nylon magazine.
or, I love riding my bike to Brighton Beach.
or, I saw a black snake riding my bike to Rockaway Beach.
or New York is fucking fantastic!!
I mean, it truly is.
I was riding my bike a couple of days ago at night, on the West side highway, and I was looking on my right side and saw the city, I was looking left and saw the water. I was smelling grass and I heard crickets and bugs and it was 30 degrees outside and I thought... Man, am I lucky or what????

This is just the beginning again, of The Confirming Friend confirming about anything possible.
I won't disappoint. I will write my ass off !!

The Confirming Friend loves New York