Monday, June 29, 2009

Hard wear

A couple of months ago, my best friend bought me a key ring.
It's a big ring w a whistle on it ( I guess for when I loose my keys I can blow the whistle and they appear ??? ha.. ha.. )

We got it together from this little hardware store in Chinatown (my favorite part of the city ... for many reasons)
I always wear my keys now on the top part of my arm. Around the biceps/triceps area. (or whatever there is left of those muscles)
It kind of brought me to the idea of buying more stuff in the hardware store to wear as bracelets.

Of course I don't wear all those things at the same time... I'm not a hardware store myself... ha!
But I think it's pretty cool!
Just some spray work here and there, and you've got yourself some nice bracelets!
In times of recession our most creative side comes out the best.

The Confirming Friend loves "hardwear"

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