Monday, June 29, 2009

Bike riding should be FUN !!!

Saturday I went bike riding by myself. Which I do almost always by myself...
But yeah, bike riding...
I took the west side high way bike path from Canal street. I decided I wanted to ride over the George Washington bridge.
The GW bridge is around 180th street.
The bike path on Saturday is used by a lot of people. Joggers, rollerbladers, cyclists...
Most of them very serious about what they're doing.
Joggers sweating their asses off with head bands, i-pods, tiny shorts and cropped shirts, or no tops at all (for the men that is ).
Cyclists on super expensive bikes wearing helmets, pink fluorescent spandex outfits, ugly mirrored sunglasses, yelling behind you: "leeeeft LEFFFFFTTTT !!!!!" - that means: We are passing by on your left side, don't do anything crazy and stay on your side.

Me in the midst of all of this...
with a fucked up old english bike, with no gear, hardly brakes, long skirt tied up as a short one, cute sandals, flow-y top, hot sunglasses.

Arriving at the GW bridge, I was sweating all over the place. After 5min of riding around, I found the entrance of the bridge hidden away somewhere...
You'd think for a bridge that's 4700 feet long, 604 feet high!!, with 12 lanes in total, there'd be a bike/foot path that's wide enough to fit at least 1 bike...
Well... the path that takes you to the bridge is wide enough to fit 1,5 bikes... and is dangerously steep.
Trying to ride up that steep path is only made for Tour de France cyclists.
Riding down from that same path is not much fun either if you don't have brakes... I'd say it's even suicidal !
(I stepped off my bike to go up the and down the path)

Arriving on the bridge, is just amazing! It's so freaking high and the sides of the path are so fucked up (it's been there since the 1930's) that you think the path will collapse.
Besides that, I just wanted to share my glorious moment w someone.
I took my phone, and started to call my sister while riding my bike... well... was I wrong to do that! I got screamed and yelled at, looked at me in the meanest way possible... because I was making a phone call...
Of course it were the spandex cyclists yelling.
Who else??
Scaring the shit out of me with their LEEEEEFFT!!! and now: put that CELL PHOOOOONE doooooooowwwwnnnnn!!!!!!
God.. I swear... it's the yelling that would cause me to do something unexpected!!
How about a nice QUIET bike ride for FUN ?????
Arriving in New Jersey, I wanted to know if there was a bike path along the water that could take me to Hoboken (and from there I would've taken a train or boat back to Manhattan)
After riding my bike there for 1 minute I got freaked out a bit.
I've never been in NJ before, and there was no bike path.
Just 3 lane streets with cars.
I decided to quickly ride back over the bridge of freaks back into safe and gorgeous Bronx!!

I rode back into the city, to Park Slope, back to Greenpoint and eventually ended up back into the city.
Rode 32 miles.
Got screamed at a couple more times.
Rode through some rain.
Got pushed to the side by huge cars on Flatbush.

All of this, you'd say I'm traumatized for life and never want to step on a bike again.
I'm grossed out by spandex New Jersey cyclists for sure
and I thought I hated Williamsburg fixed gears and hipster riders ...
but after the GW bridge, you want to hold them on your bosom and encourage them to even have smaller steering wheels, more tattoos, bigger mustashes and tighter jeans.

New York takes bike riding to whole different level.
A level of excitement and danger.
It's the city of extremes... in every possible way!

The Confirming Friend loves her bike rides.

Hard wear

A couple of months ago, my best friend bought me a key ring.
It's a big ring w a whistle on it ( I guess for when I loose my keys I can blow the whistle and they appear ??? ha.. ha.. )

We got it together from this little hardware store in Chinatown (my favorite part of the city ... for many reasons)
I always wear my keys now on the top part of my arm. Around the biceps/triceps area. (or whatever there is left of those muscles)
It kind of brought me to the idea of buying more stuff in the hardware store to wear as bracelets.

Of course I don't wear all those things at the same time... I'm not a hardware store myself... ha!
But I think it's pretty cool!
Just some spray work here and there, and you've got yourself some nice bracelets!
In times of recession our most creative side comes out the best.

The Confirming Friend loves "hardwear"

Sunday, June 14, 2009


We don't get any younger.
We do get a lot older every day...
Since my lack of sleep and 7/7 working, I feel like a 67 year old ... and I look like one too.
Don't ask me why 67 ... I could've easily said a 100... but that's not realistic and scary enough...
nothing I can do about this sleep and free time deprived life, but continuing it and trying to take good care of the body and mind.
My biggest concern, and the reason why I stopped smoking, are wrinkles on my face.
I already devoted several posts about it, and here I will go again with a new discovery.
On Manhattan Ave in Greenpoint (yes, I live there) there is a polish pharmacy I frequently consult.
Browsing through the stuff, I noticed a brown tube of 100% pure cacao butter.
Knowing they use cacao butter in moisturizers, I bought it to try it out...
(even though it said on the bottle pregnant women use it to prevent stretch marks... I'm not pregnant...)

It's kind of weird to put butter on your face... But it smells delicious AND it has so many benefits!
I quote: Cocoa butter has been called the ultimate moisturizer, and has been used to keep skin soft and supple for centuries.
It is one of the most stable, highly concentrated natural fats known, and melts at body temperature so that it is readily absorbed into the skin.
It creates a barrier between sensitive skin and the environment and also helps retain moisture.
Massaging the skin with cocoa butter may help relieve stress, boost the immune system, and even prevent cancer. This is because cocoa butter, like chocolate, contains a lot of CMP.

Reason for me to roll and bathe myself in this delicious butter!
Not all butter is bad after all ...

The Confirming Friend says: butter up!