Sunday, May 17, 2009

Grandpa is cool

Taking your shoes off when you come home, can be very rewarding...
Especially women who strut their stuff on a 12 inch heel, know what I'm talking about.
Not only that... you just HAVE to take off your shoes when you enter your house.
You just can't imagine the dirt you carry around on your shoes.
I saw an old man spitting something that looked like a dead rat out of his mouth while 30 sec later a girl passed by and just stepped in it without realizing... Carrying his diseased spit all over NY and back to her house...
Better to take off those shoes I'd say and ... nothing better than putting on your slippers !
How about throwing out your teddy bear head slippers and getting some authentic Stubbs and Wootton??
They're for men and women... (And I'd actually wear them out more than I'd wear them in my house)

The Confirming Friend loves Stubbs and Wootton!

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