Saturday, May 16, 2009

Elizabeth and James

Not so long ago, I needed to do a casting for this brand Elizabeth and James.
It's the younger brand of the Olsen Twins. (their more older and fashion brand is called The Row)
As a reward for doing such a great job...(haha) I got to choose clothes for the summer out of 4 racks packed w clothes.
I have to say... It's not disappointing.
I can't say it's exactly my style, but I am happy with what I got. Free is for free!! woohoow!
Here's a preview
You just got to imagine how it would look like if I wear it...
which you don't have to, as I pasted my head on the models.
(the models were not so great anyway... my head is better. I promise)

Check it out.

The long dress I have in grey... which is much better...

The Confirming Friend likes her summer look

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