Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Short Shirts

Last year I discovered short t-shirts...
I bought one in American Apparel. This grey sheer one.
It's great to wear, when you love wearing high waist pants and skirts. Like I do!
Now the summer kicked in here all of a sudden, I wanted more of these things.
So I asked my friends if they had some t-shirts they didn't want anymore.
Just cut the t-shirt in half and you have yourself a new short tshirt!

The Confirming Friend loves short t-shirts!


Lies said...

Ik wil gaan zwemmen tss de rotsen in bikini!!!!!!!!
I need it and I want it!
I want bikini weather!!!!! BAD!
Anders alles goe ze :o)

Lies said...

Awel ik wel :o)
As from two weeks ago, wiiiiii!