Tuesday, April 28, 2009


How ridiculous is karaoke?
Very actually.
But it's that what makes it fun.
Nothing more horrible than someone singing really good.
The worse you sing, the better the fun.
Songs that do it well and should ALWAYS be sung:
Pat Benetar: Love is a battlefield
Johnny Cash: Walk the line and Ring of fire
Human League: Dont you want me
Janet Jackson: What have you done for me lately

As a belgian, you NEED to sing Pump up The Jam.
(not so great lyrics as you sing the same sentence over and over again.... but it's great to shout and dance!)

Go to Winnies in Chinatown.
It's awesome and dodgy and only $1 per song....

The Confirming Friend loves Karaoke, and will never take singing lessons.

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