Saturday, April 18, 2009

Insectuous Infections

My body is giving me a hard time the last month and a half!
An infection on my finger: 10 days of antibiotics
A bladder infection: 10 says on antibiotics
An insect bite turned into an abscess: 10 days on 2 types of antibiotics
The last one is the worst one.
I went to the doctor ... she told me: oh my... this is not looking good! You have to get on antibiotics immediately ... and if it starts streaking than you have to go to emergency... because then you have blood poisoning...
Great! Fun to hear when your the biggest hypochondriac in the world!!

That is my story for today.
The Confirming Friend is sick of taking antibiotics and does not like infections...

1 comment:

Lies said...

Oh neen, freaky! Ik kan me zelfs nt meer herinneren wanneer ik ooit nog eens antibiotica heb moeten nemen!
Ik flip met u mee vanop grote afstand, serieus!!!!
Love ya!