Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Short Shirts

Last year I discovered short t-shirts...
I bought one in American Apparel. This grey sheer one.
It's great to wear, when you love wearing high waist pants and skirts. Like I do!
Now the summer kicked in here all of a sudden, I wanted more of these things.
So I asked my friends if they had some t-shirts they didn't want anymore.
Just cut the t-shirt in half and you have yourself a new short tshirt!

The Confirming Friend loves short t-shirts!


How ridiculous is karaoke?
Very actually.
But it's that what makes it fun.
Nothing more horrible than someone singing really good.
The worse you sing, the better the fun.
Songs that do it well and should ALWAYS be sung:
Pat Benetar: Love is a battlefield
Johnny Cash: Walk the line and Ring of fire
Human League: Dont you want me
Janet Jackson: What have you done for me lately

As a belgian, you NEED to sing Pump up The Jam.
(not so great lyrics as you sing the same sentence over and over again.... but it's great to shout and dance!)

Go to Winnies in Chinatown.
It's awesome and dodgy and only $1 per song....

The Confirming Friend loves Karaoke, and will never take singing lessons.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bomber jackets

I've always had a love for bomber jackets.
They're for tough kids. For ronnies and marinas. For bikers. For ME!
Depending on how you wear them, they DO look cool and could even look sophisticated...
You just can't go for the full bomber jacket-ripped jeans-doc martens look.
Wear it with high heels....
Cute pants...
funny accessories...

Here's my jacket for Spring. Nothing special but very warm and lots of pockets!
The Confirming Friend loves Bomber jackets!

Ring on my finger

Is there a rule on how to wear rings?
I didn't think so.
Last season I decided, I loved wearing rings in the middle of my finger.
I still do it and it's now part of "blinie"

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Insectuous Infections

My body is giving me a hard time the last month and a half!
An infection on my finger: 10 days of antibiotics
A bladder infection: 10 says on antibiotics
An insect bite turned into an abscess: 10 days on 2 types of antibiotics
The last one is the worst one.
I went to the doctor ... she told me: oh my... this is not looking good! You have to get on antibiotics immediately ... and if it starts streaking than you have to go to emergency... because then you have blood poisoning...
Great! Fun to hear when your the biggest hypochondriac in the world!!

That is my story for today.
The Confirming Friend is sick of taking antibiotics and does not like infections...

Monday, April 13, 2009


There is no excuse why in god's name I bite my nails.
If I could chew off my hand, I probably would...
I even bit my nails this much that I had an infection.
Like... a f@$#%^@#*ing painful one!!
The confirming friend does NOT approve chewed off nails and fingers.
So here should be some tips I found on some sites to NOT and NEVER bite my nails again:
*Hypnotherapy ...
ok.. seriously... I don't think so!
While the guy is hypnotising me, who knows what else he will let me do or teach or never do again!
*Medications: "fluoxetine, clomipramine, setraline, paroxetine, fluvoxamine, citalopram, escitalopram, venlafaxine and nefazodone. Also little dose of anti-psychotics can be used to augment the anti-depressants: ziprasidone, quetiapine, aripripazole, risperidone and olazapine. These are used not because the patient has psychosis, but as a means to augment the power"
... I don't think so either....
* Behavioral therapy: "This is a therapeutic method that consists of unlearning bad behaviors. This treatment seems to work better when combined with medications"
... jezus!! why would you need to take medication with it????
So another NO!
*Nail Polishes and Topical Treatments:
I even eat my nails WITH the topic... hahahahaaa!
* Sheer will power: like a new years resolution...
ok... that's never going to work.

Apparently nailbiting is VERY serious... if you believe that they hypnotize you or give you serious psychosis medicine to stop doing it...

I might as well just give up and get some fake nails...

Have a great Monday!