Tuesday, March 10, 2009


After being completely out of my routine of writing on my blog, I decided to write again.
I owe my 3 readers and 1 follower... and I owe myself. Because I like doing it.

I havent been JUST lazy... I've been doing stuff...
Like participating at the giant Artfare Armory and Volta.
I was at Volta. Which were the young art galleries that participated.
The galleries could choose 1 artist to represent.
At the Hoet-Bekaert gallery (where I was working) they showed the work of Surasi Kusolwong.
The whole installation was a flirtation of the works of 3 other artists: Robert Morris, Marcel Duchamp and Andy Warhol.
There was a big pile of threadwaste with mirrors in it and 1 golden necklace hidden in the threads.
People could go and search for it AND they got to keep it.
The necklace said: Golden Ghost. (the name of the installation)
A topless girl was wearing one of the necklaces to show to the people.
She was a reference to the work of Marcel Duchamp "Nude descending a staircase" that was refused at the 1st Armory in 1913 because of its nudity...
On the wall there were collages and drawings that you could buy.
One of them being a drawing of the empire state, which refers to Andy Warhol's movie: Empire.

now... guess what my part was at this art fare....
A hint: I was cold sometimes...

The Confirming Friend loves ART !


Lies said...

Meendet? Was 't geestig? Mocht ge de ketting ook houden daarna? ;o)

Lies said...

Btw, yes, it is me that is one of the three. If not, you have 4 readers, wiiiiiiiii!