Monday, March 16, 2009

To peel or not to peel

The Confirming Friend has an obsession with stickers.
Not just any sticker of course.
I prefer stickers made by someone (graffiti artists or sticker artists haha) and that you have to find on the street.
The most fun part is the peeling off ... I make it a sport to peel it off meticulously so I can put it in my note book OR hang it on my wall.
Like this last MEGA sticker I found.
I found it half ripped off on an industrial wall near my door.
Probably the owner of the building tried to peel it off and it didn't work.
Good for me! It took me 5 whole minutes, and dirty hands, but I managed to take it home.
And now I am the proud owner of a huge Michael Douglas sticker ... with a partly missing head ... which I think is very artistic ... haha!

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Lies said...

Ow sh*t, zo de max!!! Love it!!