Thursday, March 19, 2009

Luscious LIPS

Lately I've been obsessed with my mouth. My lips.
My sister was saying the couple of weeks ago that the older you get, the less lip you have....
I've never had big lips anyway, but knowing now they are completely going to disappear, I got scared!
So I was thinking: cosmetic surgery.
Although I'm all against playing with your face (because you can tell anyway, no matter how much money or which doctor), I am really considering to do something with my lips eventually.
Look at the difference:

I wouldn't put silicone of course...
I was thinking of Temporary Injectable Fillers:
These are products, such as collagen (that's a natural protein of the body) or maybe even ass fat (or other body parts where you have too much fat going on), that are injected into the lips to create a fuller appearance, but which are eventually absorbed by the body. It lasts from a few weeks to several months.
OF COURSE things can go wrong and you have an infection. Or they miss place it. BUT it's only temporary!! So if you hate it, it goes away by itself... and you don't do it again! wooohoow!

The Confirming Friend wants Pamela Anderson lips.
and by the way... The Confirming Friend Loves Pamela Anderson
Check her out as new muse for Vivienne Westwood!

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