Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Legendary beauty

Have you ever seen a movie with James Dean?
If not and you only know James Dean from images on the net or posters in a tacky old american diner, then I URGE you to see a James Dean movie.
One night when I was sooo bored, I went to the video store to rent a movie.
Instead of going for my usual hit of humor with Will Ferrel or something equally silly like Tropic Thunder (which I love!!! don't get me wrong) I thought this time to go for OLD.
To broaden my culture.
To just know what people are talking about.
To just be more interesting...
(He only made 3. So you can't pick one where he would have been ugly already because he died at 24...)
Now, I rented East of Eden and Rebel without a cause.
Two movies with this one legend James Dean.... I thought: "hmmm... only saw him on a picture, what's the deal with him??"
Until this day (only 2 weeks ago I saw these movies) I am still shivering and trembling on my knees.
Wishing I was the one he kissed instead of Julie Harris or Natalie Wood...
Check it out for yourself. Please...

The Confirming Friend loves James Dean.

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