Monday, March 23, 2009


Why drinking is fun... or maybe not fun?
- we love drinking because you get more loose/relax
(we don't need to get more loose/relax because we get too loud...)
- we love drinking because everything is more funny
(we don't need to have everything more funny, because I already don't stop laughing and the everyday world is funny to me anyway)
- we love drinking because it makes you dance
(we already dance without it either, but with alcohol we go even more nuts... to the part where we hit people with our arms and legs)
- we love drinking because we're more careless
(we don't need to be more careless because we loose our shit... Or people steal my shit..)
- we love drinking so we get more mischievous
(we don't need to be more mischievous because people get scared then...hahahaa)

I had 2 bottles of champagne with my friend on friday and we laughed. and laughed. and laughed.
and then i lost my bracelet, my ring and someone stole my jacket.
but i still laughed.

There is no message in this post at all.
I just wanted to mention that drinking is fun. Sometimes. Like, once every 2 months. Because it is also very exhausting and bad for your health. And you loose stuff... And that's the worst part about alcohol.

Enjoy your monday!

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Lies said...

I'd love to get drunk again, one time soon... *contemplating*
It's been ages... *still contemplating*
About five months already... *happy contemplating smile* Wiiiii!

Enjoy your Monday as well! And your Tuesday!! ;o)