Thursday, January 22, 2009

model bands - they would kill me if they knew I'd describe it like that !!!

Working with the boys for fashion week has been fun again ...
They are so cute and funny ...
and also beautiful ...
and some of them are very handsome already at the age of 19 !!
I can't keep my mouth shut of course...
yap yap yap away to everyone (sometimes with a frowned look from the sister, who is my superior)
But yes, from all the talking you get to know the boys a bit and find out interresting things.
Like Matthew Hit for example.
He has a band called The Muscle Club:
Which is quite funny, as he is very tall and skinny... so is the rest of his band...
The music is Indie Pop as he describes it himself and he's the guitarist.
Josh - the hotness - Beech is in a band called Snish:
It's rock/alternative

Check it!

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