Saturday, January 31, 2009

free the music and free the movie

Having no TV or Radio kind of sucks but isn't all that bad ...
1st of all: you have more time to do other shit... like cleaning the house instead of sitting in the couch watching the real housewives of orange county
2ndly: you have more time to play on your computer
3rdly: everyone has internet these days ... and guess what: there are 2 sites that play free music and play free movies !! - free music the whole day long... you choose what you like and they give you a playlist - free movies AND free tv series

only for the USA though ...

my wood is good

for those who haven't seen my uber-cool ring,
here it is again.

this girl makes rings and other juwerly out of wood and she's damn good at it.
look at the website and custom make yours!

the confirming friend loves goodwood !

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

mens fashion week - Lanvin

I just want to cuddle and pinch Elber Albaz !!!!
What a ... cute duo !

But if you see what they can design, you can only say they're a seriously talented cute duo.

mens fashion week - Viktor & Rolf

How Dutch can you go?
Jogging pants, sneakers and a tuxedo jacket

I love the socks and the cardigan

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fashion + Recession

Recessionista !
A person who is able to stick to a tight budget while still managing to dress stylishly.

2008 October 24, The New York Times:
The “recessionista,” the new name for the style maven on a budget […]

In other words: The Confirming Friend

Thursday, January 22, 2009

model bands - they would kill me if they knew I'd describe it like that !!!

Working with the boys for fashion week has been fun again ...
They are so cute and funny ...
and also beautiful ...
and some of them are very handsome already at the age of 19 !!
I can't keep my mouth shut of course...
yap yap yap away to everyone (sometimes with a frowned look from the sister, who is my superior)
But yes, from all the talking you get to know the boys a bit and find out interresting things.
Like Matthew Hit for example.
He has a band called The Muscle Club:
Which is quite funny, as he is very tall and skinny... so is the rest of his band...
The music is Indie Pop as he describes it himself and he's the guitarist.
Josh - the hotness - Beech is in a band called Snish:
It's rock/alternative

Check it!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

mens fashion week - Allesandro Dell'Acqua

Very wearable.
Very much like the way I would like to see my future husband dress every day.
Very beautiful.
Very consistent.

mens fashion week - SWEENEY TODD

Too many words for this amazing show.
I am usually not that big of a fan for theatrical shows or things (my brain itself is a theatre already)
BUT this McQueen show was just mesmerizing.
The casting, the clothes, the make up, the props...
I mean
it was so perfectly matching the whole thing.
I could have easily posted every single look, but here are some of the looks I really like or better LOVE.





CODPIECE - thank you Jeremy H.




Monday, January 19, 2009

mens fashion week - PRADA

I hope Miucca does as many studds for her women's collection as she did for the men.
I find it HOT .
Hardcore dark collection

mens fashion week - Marni

cute pants. nice colors.
again, I would wear them to run around in my house or sit in the couch.
(I have an obsession with men's clothing ... no i'm not lesbian)
the collection is as beautiful and matches so well with the women's collection

mens fashion week - LOVE THOSE BOYS *sigh*

They've been around for a while but I think they stay and will always be extremely hot !!!!

Clement Chabernau

Josh Beech

Sunday, January 18, 2009

mens fashion week - Dolce & Gabbana

Words that come up to me when I see this show:
cushion ...
pink ...
shiny ...
how to wear this without being a fashion victim? ...
how to wear this without being called GAY? ...
clown ...
curtain ....
boudoir ...
color combination to the EXTREME ...
unwearable ...
dare ...

mens fashion week - CESAR CASIER

We love him.
We think he's hot.
We know he's IT.

mens fashion week - Missoni

Love knits, Love patterns, Love colors, Love dyed pants.
If I were to be a boy, I'd wear everything from this collection. Full looks.
But you know what??? I wear it anyway (if it fits my budget)

mens fashion week - goes wrong

It is not my style...

Dolce & Gabbana

mens fashion week - Jil Sander

DRESS UP both ways