Wednesday, December 23, 2009

this decade is soooo finished!

Last day at work today.
Before the new year that is.
What have we achieved this year?
* got my NY visa
* was broke to the point where I had to sublet my room and eat out of people's fridges
* fixed my bike and got amazing legs now (haha)
* was producer for The Last Magazine #3 (and contributed on issue #4)
* got myself a REAL paid job as Bookings Editor
* got a couple of amazing good friends
* discovered partying again!
* stayed for 1 year in NY without going home to my mother (will finally see her in 3 days)
* saw the grand canyon and death valley
* fell in love w the USA!
* got even more environmental friendly
* discovered red lipstick and leather pants
* booked Erin Wasson's show and that was totally awesome
* rediscovered R&S records and Acid House 1990 - 1994 (to the point where it's just annoying everyone that I am talking about this constantly
* became fully single
* and of course Lara Stone being my all time fav model

The Confirming Friend is ready for the new year... Which has a lot of surprises ... already I feel it.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

global climate

The rich are destroying the planet. Perhaps they think they’re going off to another one after they’ve destroyed this one.” Hugo Ch├ívez
Good quote no?
It's totally true.
What the hell are all these countries thinking?
China ... Seriously??? Do they really have to be opposed to EVERYTHING?

Those climate things and environmental subjects are worrying me a lot.
But in a way, you cant do anything about it.
The people who have the power, just want 1 thing. POWER. Not a nice planet...
They dont care for this planet. which is weird. As in order to get power and maintain it, they should make sure they can have a place to do it... This planet that is.
Fucking losers.

I go from the motto that everyone of us can try and make a change.
If you, yourself, try to be good and do the right thing, then it already helps... (and then you should tell your colleges and friends to do the same and they tell their friends... and so on and so on)

EVERYONE should recycle.
Here in the US it's like recycling just happened a week ago.
At work I literally take everyone's paper out of their bins and throw it where it should go... The PAPER bin!
drives me nuts when they say: yeeeeaaaah... I know I should, but I get so lazy sometimes....
(just to let you know the paper bin is 3 steps behind them)
Maybe I should say: yeeeeaaaaaah, I know I should work and book your shoots, but I get so lazy sometimes....

Plastic bags.
1 bottle of water in 2 plastic bags (because god forbid, the bag would break!!)
bread and 1 yoghurt in 2 plastic bags.
the chicken in 2 plastic bags
1 can of fucking green peas in 2 plastic bags
and so on and so on...

EVERYTHING is double bagged!!!!!!!
and then in the supermarket here in brooklyn... those mothers that go grocery shopping for their 12 head family, go home w a 100 double bagged shopping bags...
In Europe you dont even get a plastic bag!! you have to buy it!!!!!
Here you can buy bags as well. You know, the shopping bags?? I think I'm the only one using it here in Brooklyn...
SAD !!

Oh, and then you have Wholefoods w their paper bags.... Guess what: they fucking double bag everything as well!!!
"But its paper" they say...
eeeerhh... How about they have to kill a tree to get paper...

Taps that keep on running....
What was the line again about 7 years ago??? Dont drip NY dry???
hmmm.... weird... it's still dripping everywhere... Water is just getting wasted and wasted and WASTED!!
Or people who leave the tap running while brushing their teeth... or have a tap running while cleaning something....
I mean...

Everyone must think I'm crazy after reading all of this...
But I'm not!
I just get so annoyed w a lot of these things.
And I make a good point I think.

If everyone stops taking plastic bags, starts recycling paper (and the rest) and doesnt leave taps running, then we would have a better planet.
(And maybe take a bike more often than a car...)

The Confirming Friend loves the planet and thinks we should ALL participate ourselves to make it better...

Monday, December 14, 2009

R&S nS nS nSssss

The Confirming Friend looooooves this record.
She also loves the years 1990 to 1994 on R&S records
(watch out for my next play list!!!)

Hottest picture of the week!

Some pictures you just can't stop looking at.
It's something that just draws you to them.
Like a magnet.
Look at the picture here below.
Abbey Lee has one of the hottest bodies of the moment.
I think its her boobs and the texture and color of her skin.
I'd so go lesbian for her !
Although thats not true...
I already worked w her a couple of times and she's just nice and sweet and not the hot chick you want to f***... (ooops!! languaaaage!!)
(and I'm not a guy and I'm not lesbian.... that's maybe why I think this)

She's hot and she deserve the place as hottest picture of the week.
The Confirming friend LOVES hot pictures. and LOVES Abbey Lee's upper body.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

playlist week of december 7

omg omg OMG
I didnt realize yet all the benefits of working at hip fashion/music magazine, until I became friends with the music features editor.
ah haa!
It's amazing how many cd's she has and how much music she knows !
I went home w a 100000 cd's I think.
Good ones. Amazing ones. Bad ones. Old ones....
With all that new music, it makes me want to be a DJ and have the whole world listen to the music I like to listen to...
which is basically what a DJ's job is ... or not?
OR instead of pursuing a new career in music and DJing ... I can just tell you now what music i'm into and you can look it up and download it...

Hold on - Holy Ghost
Empire of the Sun - We are the People
Miike Snow - Cult Logic
Fever Ray - If I had a heart
Blood Orange - I'm sorry we lied
Santogold - Lights out
Beyonce - Videophone
Memory Tapes (Horrors Cosmic Dub) - Bicycle
Metro Area - Atmospherique
FPU - Crockets theme

The Confirming Friend says to blow your speakers !!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

it's all about angles

My love. My boyfriend. My future father of my children ...
Thats what I thought when I first saw the pictures below

Looking at his book afterwards, kind of disappointed me.
In some pictures he looks like a totally different guy!
Lips and nose and just the whole face is different!
See here the pics i think he looks hot:

Pics I think he looks ... not hot:

I don't know what my point is here exactly.
I was about to post this guy as my new hottest model of the month (hello and he's just not want I want him to be!! So annoying. (sounds so silly to say he's not what I want him to be!! hahhahahahaa)
Model portfolios are so misleading... ugh. or better Angles are so misleading.
He has sharp features in the hot pictures and looks like a school boy or some old school italian fat gangter in the other!
Just because the angle and the lighting is different.

The Confirming Friend wishes you could choose an angle and a certain lighting every day for you to be seen in !
and she also wishes for Matteo (that is the Matteo from the hot pics because I just hope the unhot Matteo is another guy) to pop into her office tomorrow... eeerh... Hello Ford models? anyone reading this??

Every day is jewelry day

I love new discoveries especially if its about jewelry.
I got invited to a birthday party and the birthday dude sent me an email w this email address that says:
Unfortunately, this busy woman, can't make it to the party BUT luckily I got curious enough to check out what those Same Nice People were about.
Looks like it's 2 hot dudes making clothes AND jewelry.
How I know they are hot??
Well, the dude that sent me the email, is very hot (he's sort of a friend and you should trust me on my opinion on hotness) and the dude in the pictures (here below) is hot too !!
I am guessing the "model" is oart of the nice people gang...
So yeah. The jewelry is really cool because it's not the typical girly shit.
These guys make jewelry for guys. And that's what makes it awesome!

The Confirming Friend loves !!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

catwoman meets cowgirl

Another Friday night, with another great outfit!
I wasn't sure about the top, but I love it anyway.
I'll probably see more people running around w it, but that's ok.
As long as I had a great night in it, thats good.

The confirming friend loves fringes!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Someone else agreeing w me that Ikea totally sucks??
It's cheap.
It's bad quality.
It's difficult to make ... (the beds at least)
And it's a waste of money and time

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This weekend I went shopping and bought new paints...
If there is one piece of clothing I LOVE, then it's pants.
For a while I went for the high waist wide pant... They're comfortable and you can hide away in them and don't show your body...
Convenient I thought...
I also thought I'd never go back to the skinny tight pant.
Well, there is a difference between skinny jeans and tight pants.
Skinny jeans is like the worst invention ever. If you don't have a model shape type of leg, then forget about them...
A tight pant on the other hand, is MUCH better. That is if it's tight around the area where you want it to be tight... which is the butt area of course.
So yeah, this weekend I changed my mind about never going back to tight pants and I bought a jean: $25.00 in the vintage shop around my corner.
They're red in the front and black in the back... and they are SOOOOO tight!!! you have no idea!!
But they are oh so hot! An absolute hit!!

The Confirming Friend is obsessed w tight pants!

Friday, September 18, 2009

she's my hero

Luckily my sister and I are not the only ones riding our bikes through NY on high heels...
you should see the looks on faces when we do...
And the questions!! "How can you ride a bike on high heels???"
Well, it's easier than walking on them... you just have to peddle... No spiky heel that makes you feel like you're walking on a needle...
checking out's street style... and look what I find...

A men's bike...
A leather skirt...
High heel wedges...
Not sitting on her seat...

The Confirming Friend LOVES girls in high heels on bikes
(she does not like the dyke looking chicks on a fixie...)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I didn't really know if I liked his last collection...
Ok, there are some amazing pieces in it, but its just not 100% my thing...
And I do not like the shoes at all... ugh... Hate the heel...
THIS sumer collection however , is much more what I like.
Can't wait for the cute sandals, the most amazing pants and skirts!!! and I love the thin loose leggings...

the Confirming Friend loves the MJ summer collection

Friday, September 11, 2009

Doctors in the United States of America

I went to see a doctor and he prescribed me a $3000 antibiotic that is the heaviest of heaviest antibiotic .
I have a little wound turned into an abcess.
I am allergic to sulphur.
My doctor, the head of intensive care of Beth Israel Clinic, told me my abcess is peniciline resistant.
How does he know? mmmm.. well, he looked at it. From 1m distance, and decided it was resistant to peniciline.
Then he looked in his computer and decided I needed to take an antibiotic that was going to be quite expensive...
$800 to a $1000 he said...
I was like: ok i guess... whatever it takes to get healthy!
I went to Duane Reade to get my drugs. The guy goes: you aware of the price? I said: uhu. He goes: it's high in price, right?. I go: uhu, I'm aware... He goes: It's $100/pil... I go: hold on... I need 28 of those... He goes: yeah. It's $3000...
So we looked to some solution, being: me buying 3 pills for $300 so I could start my cure... and the next day let the pills get fedexed from Belgium.
I thought that was a good idea.
I call my friend in Belgium and tell her about the antibiotic. She was looking it up and was going to send it to me.
She calls me back later. She goes: do you have a fever. I go: no. She goes: what the hell do you have? I go: an infection.
She goes: you can't get this antibiotic in a pharmacy here. You have to be hospitalized for it. She goes: it's an antibiotic that is the heaviest of them all. It's for example when you have a high fever from a terrible infection when your leg gets amputated and a bug got into it...
She goes: you need to be closely followed with blood samples to see if you dont get blood thickening.
She goes: the antibiotic costs 1300 euro here.....
I'm almost getting a heart attack...
Next step was:
I went to another doctor. At a cheap hospital. He looked at it. Took a sample of it to go to the lab and told me my antibiotic was too strong. He prescribed me another one... $20 for 20 pills.
He said: it's going to be fine... No stress.
I was like: Really? He goes: yes. I go: thanks. He said: you're welcome.

Up until today, I am still alive. My infection is still there. Less painful. and it's healing.
Why did the director of the intensive care decided to bombard me with this heavy antibiotic that would internally completely kill me????
I dont know....

the confirming friend is NOT a fan of the doctors in the united states...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Police state

I am finally going to say it and mean it...
(oh wait ... didn't they already make a song about this?? fuck da police!!!!!!! - obviously I'm not alone in my hate)

Anyway, here goes my story,
On a beautiful Friday night at the lovely hour of 3am, I was walking down the street in an area my friend who accompanied me, assured me was the fastest and nicest road to take home.
Me, kind of drunk, had to be supported half of the time as my high heels were feeling like I was walking on needles...
He, kind of drunk, supporting me...
All of a sudden I felt the need to check out a playground that was on the side of the road.
There was no gate or anything. You could just walk on it.
As we did, 2 police cars stopped and 4 cops got out.
They asked us to get off the playground and give our id's.
Me, being my friendliest ever, started to chat away w one of them.
It was a "pleasant" conversation about nothing at all besides a murder that just happened around the corner the night before.
After my conversation, the one cop that got my id, gave it back w this cute little pink paper... saying: you have to go to court...
Why: I disobeyed the sign...
I said.. What sign? And what's the crime??
He said: The sign right there (pointing out the sign on the fence in the blackest dark of the night)
Asking again what I did wrong. He said I can't walk on a playground.
I was hysterical in tears!!!
A summons to go to court because I didnt see the sign for not walking on a playground that didnt even had a gate???
Since when is walking on a playground a crime????

I hope you never have to encounter a bored cop... because honestly you will get in TROUBLE !!

The Confirming Friend does not like the police.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Meg McCabe

favorite model of this season!!
and more seasons to come.
superstardom already

Erin Wasson

This bitch is fucking amazing !
Besides being the hottest chick in the universe, she is now also the dopest designer in the universe.
You better buy her shit !

In case you don't get why I'm talking like I'm from the projects... Erin talks like that.
And she can... because she's awesome bitches!!!!

The Confirming Friend is expecting all of you to see her show!
(I'm there doing the casting by the way)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

too many things to mention

I'm sooooo fucking STUPID for not writing on my blog anymore.
I have a million things to say.
my roommates cat hurt me the other day.
or, i went to warwick a week ago and ate the best ice cream in the world, straight from the cows.
or, I am finding a bunch of old clothes again to wear and they look damn good
or, I enjoy drinking alcohol again.
Or I saw the most amazing surf movie projected on a big wall in Williamsburg called "Dear and Yonder". (AMAZING)
or, I have a job at Nylon magazine.
or, I love riding my bike to Brighton Beach.
or, I saw a black snake riding my bike to Rockaway Beach.
or New York is fucking fantastic!!
I mean, it truly is.
I was riding my bike a couple of days ago at night, on the West side highway, and I was looking on my right side and saw the city, I was looking left and saw the water. I was smelling grass and I heard crickets and bugs and it was 30 degrees outside and I thought... Man, am I lucky or what????

This is just the beginning again, of The Confirming Friend confirming about anything possible.
I won't disappoint. I will write my ass off !!

The Confirming Friend loves New York

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Monday, June 29, 2009

Bike riding should be FUN !!!

Saturday I went bike riding by myself. Which I do almost always by myself...
But yeah, bike riding...
I took the west side high way bike path from Canal street. I decided I wanted to ride over the George Washington bridge.
The GW bridge is around 180th street.
The bike path on Saturday is used by a lot of people. Joggers, rollerbladers, cyclists...
Most of them very serious about what they're doing.
Joggers sweating their asses off with head bands, i-pods, tiny shorts and cropped shirts, or no tops at all (for the men that is ).
Cyclists on super expensive bikes wearing helmets, pink fluorescent spandex outfits, ugly mirrored sunglasses, yelling behind you: "leeeeft LEFFFFFTTTT !!!!!" - that means: We are passing by on your left side, don't do anything crazy and stay on your side.

Me in the midst of all of this...
with a fucked up old english bike, with no gear, hardly brakes, long skirt tied up as a short one, cute sandals, flow-y top, hot sunglasses.

Arriving at the GW bridge, I was sweating all over the place. After 5min of riding around, I found the entrance of the bridge hidden away somewhere...
You'd think for a bridge that's 4700 feet long, 604 feet high!!, with 12 lanes in total, there'd be a bike/foot path that's wide enough to fit at least 1 bike...
Well... the path that takes you to the bridge is wide enough to fit 1,5 bikes... and is dangerously steep.
Trying to ride up that steep path is only made for Tour de France cyclists.
Riding down from that same path is not much fun either if you don't have brakes... I'd say it's even suicidal !
(I stepped off my bike to go up the and down the path)

Arriving on the bridge, is just amazing! It's so freaking high and the sides of the path are so fucked up (it's been there since the 1930's) that you think the path will collapse.
Besides that, I just wanted to share my glorious moment w someone.
I took my phone, and started to call my sister while riding my bike... well... was I wrong to do that! I got screamed and yelled at, looked at me in the meanest way possible... because I was making a phone call...
Of course it were the spandex cyclists yelling.
Who else??
Scaring the shit out of me with their LEEEEEFFT!!! and now: put that CELL PHOOOOONE doooooooowwwwnnnnn!!!!!!
God.. I swear... it's the yelling that would cause me to do something unexpected!!
How about a nice QUIET bike ride for FUN ?????
Arriving in New Jersey, I wanted to know if there was a bike path along the water that could take me to Hoboken (and from there I would've taken a train or boat back to Manhattan)
After riding my bike there for 1 minute I got freaked out a bit.
I've never been in NJ before, and there was no bike path.
Just 3 lane streets with cars.
I decided to quickly ride back over the bridge of freaks back into safe and gorgeous Bronx!!

I rode back into the city, to Park Slope, back to Greenpoint and eventually ended up back into the city.
Rode 32 miles.
Got screamed at a couple more times.
Rode through some rain.
Got pushed to the side by huge cars on Flatbush.

All of this, you'd say I'm traumatized for life and never want to step on a bike again.
I'm grossed out by spandex New Jersey cyclists for sure
and I thought I hated Williamsburg fixed gears and hipster riders ...
but after the GW bridge, you want to hold them on your bosom and encourage them to even have smaller steering wheels, more tattoos, bigger mustashes and tighter jeans.

New York takes bike riding to whole different level.
A level of excitement and danger.
It's the city of extremes... in every possible way!

The Confirming Friend loves her bike rides.

Hard wear

A couple of months ago, my best friend bought me a key ring.
It's a big ring w a whistle on it ( I guess for when I loose my keys I can blow the whistle and they appear ??? ha.. ha.. )

We got it together from this little hardware store in Chinatown (my favorite part of the city ... for many reasons)
I always wear my keys now on the top part of my arm. Around the biceps/triceps area. (or whatever there is left of those muscles)
It kind of brought me to the idea of buying more stuff in the hardware store to wear as bracelets.

Of course I don't wear all those things at the same time... I'm not a hardware store myself... ha!
But I think it's pretty cool!
Just some spray work here and there, and you've got yourself some nice bracelets!
In times of recession our most creative side comes out the best.

The Confirming Friend loves "hardwear"

Sunday, June 14, 2009


We don't get any younger.
We do get a lot older every day...
Since my lack of sleep and 7/7 working, I feel like a 67 year old ... and I look like one too.
Don't ask me why 67 ... I could've easily said a 100... but that's not realistic and scary enough...
nothing I can do about this sleep and free time deprived life, but continuing it and trying to take good care of the body and mind.
My biggest concern, and the reason why I stopped smoking, are wrinkles on my face.
I already devoted several posts about it, and here I will go again with a new discovery.
On Manhattan Ave in Greenpoint (yes, I live there) there is a polish pharmacy I frequently consult.
Browsing through the stuff, I noticed a brown tube of 100% pure cacao butter.
Knowing they use cacao butter in moisturizers, I bought it to try it out...
(even though it said on the bottle pregnant women use it to prevent stretch marks... I'm not pregnant...)

It's kind of weird to put butter on your face... But it smells delicious AND it has so many benefits!
I quote: Cocoa butter has been called the ultimate moisturizer, and has been used to keep skin soft and supple for centuries.
It is one of the most stable, highly concentrated natural fats known, and melts at body temperature so that it is readily absorbed into the skin.
It creates a barrier between sensitive skin and the environment and also helps retain moisture.
Massaging the skin with cocoa butter may help relieve stress, boost the immune system, and even prevent cancer. This is because cocoa butter, like chocolate, contains a lot of CMP.

Reason for me to roll and bathe myself in this delicious butter!
Not all butter is bad after all ...

The Confirming Friend says: butter up!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Grandpa is cool

Taking your shoes off when you come home, can be very rewarding...
Especially women who strut their stuff on a 12 inch heel, know what I'm talking about.
Not only that... you just HAVE to take off your shoes when you enter your house.
You just can't imagine the dirt you carry around on your shoes.
I saw an old man spitting something that looked like a dead rat out of his mouth while 30 sec later a girl passed by and just stepped in it without realizing... Carrying his diseased spit all over NY and back to her house...
Better to take off those shoes I'd say and ... nothing better than putting on your slippers !
How about throwing out your teddy bear head slippers and getting some authentic Stubbs and Wootton??
They're for men and women... (And I'd actually wear them out more than I'd wear them in my house)

The Confirming Friend loves Stubbs and Wootton!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Elizabeth and James

Not so long ago, I needed to do a casting for this brand Elizabeth and James.
It's the younger brand of the Olsen Twins. (their more older and fashion brand is called The Row)
As a reward for doing such a great job...(haha) I got to choose clothes for the summer out of 4 racks packed w clothes.
I have to say... It's not disappointing.
I can't say it's exactly my style, but I am happy with what I got. Free is for free!! woohoow!
Here's a preview
You just got to imagine how it would look like if I wear it...
which you don't have to, as I pasted my head on the models.
(the models were not so great anyway... my head is better. I promise)

Check it out.

The long dress I have in grey... which is much better...

The Confirming Friend likes her summer look

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bat For Lashes

Can I tell the world how amazing this band is: Bat For Lashes
I've been listening to it for 2 months in the office now without knowing that it was them.
Buy Buy Buy!!

The Confirming Friend loves Bat for Lashes

Friday, May 8, 2009

One Piece mania

a body suit is the best garment invented for women.
After my Martin Margiela piece and several amaerican apparel ones, I now found one in Topshop in JEANS!!!

The Confirming Friend loves Bodysuits.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Marc Jacobs, can I please shake your hand

Last Saturday I went to the craziest party of the season...
Models, celebs and me. All dancing and packed together on the rooftop of The Gramercy Park Hotel.
I bumped into Kate Bosworth, Gisele Bundchen, Jessica Alba... and then I couldn't stand the amount of famous people anymore, so the next famous person I saw was Marc Jacobs, and I HAD to say something!
I ran over to him and asked: Hello Marc, can I please shake your hand. He said: yes. I said, I know it sounds cheezy but I am a really big fan of you. He said: ooooh, that's nice, thank you!
And then I thought: give me job... hahhaa
Of course, my limits were gone, so the next guy I saw and screamed something at was Josh Hartnett... I said: You're a famous actor!!! He said: No not really... And I said: YES YOU AAAARE!!!!!
And then everything became a drunken blur and I danced and hung out in a hotel room w Winona Ryder and Daria...
Well, not really with them, but they were there... and I was there... haha.

That was a fun night out!
The Confirming Friend likes famous people.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Short Shirts

Last year I discovered short t-shirts...
I bought one in American Apparel. This grey sheer one.
It's great to wear, when you love wearing high waist pants and skirts. Like I do!
Now the summer kicked in here all of a sudden, I wanted more of these things.
So I asked my friends if they had some t-shirts they didn't want anymore.
Just cut the t-shirt in half and you have yourself a new short tshirt!

The Confirming Friend loves short t-shirts!


How ridiculous is karaoke?
Very actually.
But it's that what makes it fun.
Nothing more horrible than someone singing really good.
The worse you sing, the better the fun.
Songs that do it well and should ALWAYS be sung:
Pat Benetar: Love is a battlefield
Johnny Cash: Walk the line and Ring of fire
Human League: Dont you want me
Janet Jackson: What have you done for me lately

As a belgian, you NEED to sing Pump up The Jam.
(not so great lyrics as you sing the same sentence over and over again.... but it's great to shout and dance!)

Go to Winnies in Chinatown.
It's awesome and dodgy and only $1 per song....

The Confirming Friend loves Karaoke, and will never take singing lessons.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bomber jackets

I've always had a love for bomber jackets.
They're for tough kids. For ronnies and marinas. For bikers. For ME!
Depending on how you wear them, they DO look cool and could even look sophisticated...
You just can't go for the full bomber jacket-ripped jeans-doc martens look.
Wear it with high heels....
Cute pants...
funny accessories...

Here's my jacket for Spring. Nothing special but very warm and lots of pockets!
The Confirming Friend loves Bomber jackets!

Ring on my finger

Is there a rule on how to wear rings?
I didn't think so.
Last season I decided, I loved wearing rings in the middle of my finger.
I still do it and it's now part of "blinie"

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Insectuous Infections

My body is giving me a hard time the last month and a half!
An infection on my finger: 10 days of antibiotics
A bladder infection: 10 says on antibiotics
An insect bite turned into an abscess: 10 days on 2 types of antibiotics
The last one is the worst one.
I went to the doctor ... she told me: oh my... this is not looking good! You have to get on antibiotics immediately ... and if it starts streaking than you have to go to emergency... because then you have blood poisoning...
Great! Fun to hear when your the biggest hypochondriac in the world!!

That is my story for today.
The Confirming Friend is sick of taking antibiotics and does not like infections...

Monday, April 13, 2009


There is no excuse why in god's name I bite my nails.
If I could chew off my hand, I probably would...
I even bit my nails this much that I had an infection.
Like... a f@$#%^@#*ing painful one!!
The confirming friend does NOT approve chewed off nails and fingers.
So here should be some tips I found on some sites to NOT and NEVER bite my nails again:
*Hypnotherapy ...
ok.. seriously... I don't think so!
While the guy is hypnotising me, who knows what else he will let me do or teach or never do again!
*Medications: "fluoxetine, clomipramine, setraline, paroxetine, fluvoxamine, citalopram, escitalopram, venlafaxine and nefazodone. Also little dose of anti-psychotics can be used to augment the anti-depressants: ziprasidone, quetiapine, aripripazole, risperidone and olazapine. These are used not because the patient has psychosis, but as a means to augment the power"
... I don't think so either....
* Behavioral therapy: "This is a therapeutic method that consists of unlearning bad behaviors. This treatment seems to work better when combined with medications"
... jezus!! why would you need to take medication with it????
So another NO!
*Nail Polishes and Topical Treatments:
I even eat my nails WITH the topic... hahahahaaa!
* Sheer will power: like a new years resolution...
ok... that's never going to work.

Apparently nailbiting is VERY serious... if you believe that they hypnotize you or give you serious psychosis medicine to stop doing it...

I might as well just give up and get some fake nails...

Have a great Monday!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

On danse sur la musique

i-Tunes is amazing!
Fast and cheap downloading!
The Confirming Friend loves i-Tunes.
I have to be careful with that shit though, because I attached my credit card to my i-Tunes and now I can buy music every day without even have to open my wallet.
Just a click away...

Have a listen to:
Yeasayer - All Hour Cymbals
Black Mountain - In The Future
Thanks to La Fille d'O I also downloaded Talking Heads - This Must Be the Place

Enjoy the rainy, sexy Thursday.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Lost your shoelace?
Hate the way your shoes look like??
Or just want a new bracelet?
Buy an elastic. Wide one. thin one. in color or just black and skin color (i love skin color)
Sow them together and put them over your shoe! (or around your arm)

The Confirming Friend Loves Elastic