Monday, December 22, 2008

Doc Doc Doctor Beat?

What shoe to wear when the weather is:
AND the subway is a 10min walk from where you live...
A high heel is not an option.
A sneaker isn't either: they get wet in the rain or snow... or whatever weather type makes your shoes wet.
The only recommendable shoe is a heavy boot.
Preferably a leather one, with a thick sole, anti-slip !!!, and comfortable so you can walk for hours...
That shoe is, ladies and gentlemen, a Doc Marten!
I'd never thought I was going to wear them ever again.
Up until my sister got a million pairs sent to her... for free... I got to choose my own pair ! (3 pair in total!!) and I was as happy as a new born child...
I mean... I was as happy as a little child when meeting santa...
Although... when I met Santa, I was probably crying again because I was scared of that big fat guy that wanted to grab me...
So lets just keep it at: I was very happy.
Find below pictures of my new babies...
I am definitely not trying to make a fashion statement here, because firstly: the Doc Marten rage from a season ago (if you can call it a rage) is already over, and secondly: when it's cold and snowing and just unbearable outside, you just got to try and survive...
Like they say in the news here: "Stay indoors!!!! But if you have to go outside: bundle up!! dress in layers!!!!
(I'm telling you: here in the states they are scared of mother nature. They'd do anything to keep the people inside and watch tv so they can get into the people's minds and mess them up with stupid news, commercials and lots of series..... don't worry, i love tv shows... I just thought I'd be a bit more "deep" and throw some thinking in the mix instead of only talking about shoes and stuff...)

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