Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How RECESSION influences MY life

There is no way around it anymore:
it's recession.
What does it mean?
"A period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced generally identified by a fall in GDP (gross domestic product) in 2 successive quarters"

The only thing I want to point out in this definition: TEMPORARY

So how does it affect my life?
* transport: I walk or take the subway. Anytime - Anywhere!
* Sample sales: all the big designers have sample sales. 90% off!! yippie!! Finally I can afford a Chloe leather jacket...
* Sample sales: they finally have all their clothes on sale and I can't buy it because I don't make enough money... :(
* Food: why is it, that I only buy food in these times??? AND that food has gotten so expensive?? It's ridiculous...
It's like when people get poor the only thing they buy is food food food! Well, makes sense in a way... You can ONLY afford food!
And a Chloe jacket, which you then afterwards sell for double the price on ebay. ;)
* I watch TV at the gym on the treadmill so I don't have to buy me one... with cable...
and then you think: why doesn't she just go jogging outside and get a TV instead of a gym membership???
( I got the membership for free... )

Anyone else having recession issues??
The Confirming Friend is not friends with recession.

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Lies said...

Recession issues? Not really... I'm not a big spender and I have a fair salary, so... Hopefully my ticket to YOU will not give me a recession issue?!! But what's money in comparison to seeing YOU, hah?!
Leve melig doen!! :oD