Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How RECESSION influences MY life

There is no way around it anymore:
it's recession.
What does it mean?
"A period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced generally identified by a fall in GDP (gross domestic product) in 2 successive quarters"

The only thing I want to point out in this definition: TEMPORARY

So how does it affect my life?
* transport: I walk or take the subway. Anytime - Anywhere!
* Sample sales: all the big designers have sample sales. 90% off!! yippie!! Finally I can afford a Chloe leather jacket...
* Sample sales: they finally have all their clothes on sale and I can't buy it because I don't make enough money... :(
* Food: why is it, that I only buy food in these times??? AND that food has gotten so expensive?? It's ridiculous...
It's like when people get poor the only thing they buy is food food food! Well, makes sense in a way... You can ONLY afford food!
And a Chloe jacket, which you then afterwards sell for double the price on ebay. ;)
* I watch TV at the gym on the treadmill so I don't have to buy me one... with cable...
and then you think: why doesn't she just go jogging outside and get a TV instead of a gym membership???
( I got the membership for free... )

Anyone else having recession issues??
The Confirming Friend is not friends with recession.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

New York night walking - 2

Walking around with your camera in your pocket is something everyone should do.
And especially trying out new stuff with our camera.
I love the long shutter... It gives all your pictures this christmas kind of vibe...
Which I by the way love...CHRISTMAS!!
It's the time of opening presents, putting christmas lights out, drinking hot milk or soup, .... cosy!!!
I don't understand people who don't like it.
Dressing up. Choosing presents. Eating good food. Seeing family. Talking. Laughing.
The Confirming Friend loves it!!

But that's beside the point. Taking pictures is my point again in this post.

Is it fire or sun?

A bit closer..

and really close... it's the recflection of the building of course... duh!

Friday, November 21, 2008

New York night walking

I started my walk in Greenpoint.
Went through Williamsburg.
Realized there was a 60 years anniversary party somewhere.
Went inside dressed in jogging pants and shoes and boyfriends oversized kaki jacket...
Said hi.
Continued along the bridge.
Walked into the city.
Took the L-train back ...
This is what I saw:

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Eco shmeeco

Last weekend NY had it's big marathon.
With all that running, people get thirsty.
Poland Spring is probably the most known water AND it belongs to the Nestle group... so OF COURSE it's well known. They have the $$$ to be known...
And because of that, Poland Spring was one of the sponsors...
I mean: everywhere you looked, there was a Poland Spring bottle or carton or cup or truck or whatever!
Now look at their website: www.polandspring.com
The whole website is designed around the subject: eco friendly
New eco friendly bottles, drinking water is healthy ... blablablablaaaa.
And now look below what a mess they made...
Eco friendly my arse!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Smelly Cat - part 2

Why is Chinatown so cheap?
Buying fruit for instance: I bought 5 bananas (same bananas as a regular supermarket) for $1
Goji berries: I bought a 500 gr bag, and I only paid $4,5. I Whole Foods you pay $12
I had dumplings for dinner. 8 steamed dumplings for $3.

I mean: it all looks the same. The fruit and veggies in Chinatown come from the same countries as the fruit and veggies from the supermarket!

My wallet is loving Chinatown.

Things I noticed on Halloween

It's funny how in NY, and probably everywhere else in the US, people dress up for Halloween.
It's supposed to be for children. But funnily enough, in NY it's the grownups who dress up the most...
I just didn't see that many children I guess. It's NY after all, the city dominated by career freaks and where children come on the 5th place (1st: money, 2nd: career, 3rd: house, car and sex, 4th: wife, 5th: child when we are old)

At 11am in the morning on the 31st, I already saw a couple dressed up as ... well, I didn't really know what they were dressed up as... But yes, they were already in costume and wig!
Through the day, the later it got, I noticed more and more people in costumes.
Not kidding: there was a 200m line outside a costume store!! People waiting to get their wig, bloody teeth, hats, ears, masks, ...
And at night, literally the WHOLE city was dressed up, taking taxi's and riding the subway in their costumes...
What would aliens think if they looked at us... Stupid humans!

The costumes I saw the most, were girls with cats ears, gothics, and then just LOTS of girls in skimpy dresses or whore outfits even. They think: oh, I can dress up today! I'll go like whore cop, or whore version of Little Red Riding Hood!
I can show of my tits and ass!

I was going to dress as a sheep. But then my sheep costume got very funny, so I decided to go as a wolf in sheep's clothes.
And like that I had to go home with the subway...