Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday night in my couch

* the Coca Cola Zero commercial song sounds a bit too much like a song from Queens of the Stone Age.

* I love "The Fabulous Life of ..."
It's about celebrities, it's about money, it's about what famous people can do and have more because they have $$$ (and yes yes because they can do something we can't ... kind of ... sometimes ...)

* I love True Life on MTV ... It's about people on a certain subject. Like "peer pressure" or "Living with Tourette"
Fuck, Piss, Shit!

* Capricorns and Cancers are the best signs in the world.
There is the Tropic of Capricorn (Southern Tropic), there is the Equator and there is the Tropic of Cancer (Northern Tropic).
Is there like a tropic of Pisces????? a Tropic of Leo ??????
I wouldn't make a deal out of this, if I wasn't a Capricorn of course ... duh

* I hate the Mojito song and I hate the hair in the commercial for NewYorker clothing.

* Seen the new Macbooks and Macbook Pro's ??
Tuesday, one of these babies is MINE!!

* The Diesel party last weekend.
I think Amsterdam had the lousiest party in Diesel party history.
I know this because I was there ...
First of all the busride TO Amsterdam.
3 hours going and 3 hours back also. That makes 6 hours driving.
The party itself was only 5 HOURS!!!
The line up:
Fanklub DJ's ... If I'm not mistaken, these fabulous boys come from ... uuum ... BELGIUM!!
We can see these f*ckers EVERY week!!!
The theme: dress as a threesome ...
In Amsterdam they took it the wrong way and they dressed up as triplets (3same outfits)
or maybe we took it the wrong way: we were dressed up as a famous threesome: like the 3 stooges.
My friends and I went like: Sex Drugs & Rock'n roll.
In my opinion: we were the smartest.

Let's compare this with, uum... let's say the NY Diesel party.
Their line up: NERD, MIA, Hot Chip, Franz Ferdinand ...
They didn't need to dress up in somehting stupid to have fun...
They had fucking GOOD MUSIC!!!!!!!!!

So yeah, Mr Renzo Rosso (Diesel founder) was thinking:
Let's invest everything we have in the NY party and let's tell the suckers in Amsterdam to dress up as a threesome ... huh huh

* Every time when I go to a shoe repair with a good pair of shoes, I'm ALWAYS scared they sold them or ruined them

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