Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So far, it was a turbulent and interesting week. And we are only tuesday....

Saturday night I went on a little cruise around Paris.
Ended up at the Gareth Pugh after party and went to Regine.
This old 70's club taken over by the guys that manage Le Baron and by that lands in the list of coolest clubs and parties in Paris.
Nothing extraordinary happened besides me drinking a glass of champagne with ice cubes in it....

Sunday: Bruno Pieters' show.
Almost hitting photographers for taking pics of models changing. In particular this sneeky Asian b****. Grabbed her by her sweater and literally threw her out. F*** ing annoying c***. (I love swearing)

Monday: meeting with Wallpaper magazine during the day.
Tried to go to Martin Margiela show. Didn't work out. Kind of didn't have an invite for the show... duh!
Not to worry. Our dear friend A. puts us on the list for Patrick Demarcheliers exhibition in Le Petit Palais, off the Champs Elysees.
Black cars. Red Carpet. Big stairs. Loads of photographers.
I go inside. First person I see: Anna Wintour.
Presidents wife Carla Bruni was there too.
Naomi Campbell
All famous models: Lily Donaldson, Abby Lee, Anja Rubik, Angela Lindvall...
Craig McDean, Patrick Demarchelier, Johnny Haliday, ...
Pictures were auctioned for already €40000...
Funny story: I am standing next to Anouck and Jefferson talking a bit and looking around. Anouck has to take a phone call so she turns around. I am standing next to Jeffy while all of a sudden a smiling Milla Jovovich comes towards us and throws her hand at me and says: "Hello!!! I am Milla!" So I said: "Oh hello: I am Evelien" with a little polite smile.
Yes, you have that correct: SHE introduces her to ME!
As if I don't know who she is...
After the P.Demarcheliers show, Natalie and I joined this girl to her hotel.
Maybe you know who she is... Daddy has something to do with Harrods and The Ritz is her house basically....
Camilla Al Fayed is her name...
We joined her with her bodygard Clive to her house. The Ritz.
At The Ritz restaurant we joined tables together and some other friends of her came.
Next time you open a Blik or Hello magazine and see names such as: Stavros, Alexander, Olympia ... know that the confirming friend knows them now too... HAHAHHAHHAHAAA!!!
These guys are so rich, they live on another planet. One Russian girl was by far the richest at the table. Daddy is russian oil magnet or something... Clueless about the working crowd. Finds the fashion industry an amusement...
So yeah, hanging out with my new homies from the Ritz block, I realized, damned, I should just come and sit in this restaurant ALL the time!!
Of course I would sit there with Camila... My wallet doesn't support the prices in the restaurant...

After the Ritz, we went to Le Baron. Purple magazine party. Milla drunk dancing on the couches. Roison Murphy dressed in gold darteling around. Zoe Kravitz off her tits drunk up side down in the couches.
Me: sober, dancing, getting my picture taking for my cool outfit and absorbing all the info!

After that we made a stop at Regine.
Busy P for once not spinning but dancing!
Camilla, Alexander, Stavros, May Anderson, the Belstaff designers, ... EXTREMELY drunk!
Anouck, Natalie and me: DANCING like mothafucka's.
Camilla all of a sudden had a great idea to go to another place called the Pink Bank.
Next door of Regine.
I enter this long hallway in tiger carpet with every 5 steps a picture of a playboy bunny. I should have guessed what the club would have been. But I didn't...
So I enter and see 2 naked women on a stage with poles dancing.
YES: Pink Bank is an expensive strip club.
Nobody inside the club besides us and 4 men staring and getting horny.
The Belstaff boys had the great idea to get a lap dance. I was looking at it and thinking: WHAT'S the POINT???
You can't touch the women. They sit on your crotch and throw their silicon tits in your face and then after 10 minutes it's done and the guys are horny.... .
Really: tell my guys: WHAT'S THE POINT?

I left that club feeling out of place and too sober for that kind if pleasures....
But again: absorbed all info!!! hahhahahahaa!!!

Back at Regine we danced on Electric Feel and finally went home afterwards.
4:50: I am in bed.


Fashion week in Paris.


Lies said...


Milla Jovovich?!!!!
Naomi Cambell (ffs)!!! Wie had ooit gedacht dat ge de vrouw, wiens naam vroeger op uw kleerkast hing met magneetletters (!!!!), ooit in levende lijve ging tegenkomen?!

Damn woman, you make me proud :oD

Anonymous said...

Hi hi! I just randomly thought I'd have a look at your blog, and found this fabulous post!!! How amazing! I'm so jealous!!

Love the photo of you from style.com!