Sunday, September 14, 2008

party ... schmarty

Partying in New York.
You'd think, if there is one place in the world where you can party, it'll be New York...
Right... but oh so wrong at the same time.

You either end up at parties surrounded with super models, celebs and the confirming friend (ha!) OR when you decide you want to rave like no other, you end up at parties surrounded by people ...
Just people.
Not beautiful.
Rather ugly.
Bad taste in everything and very normal american.
Spoiled as I am from going to parties like V magazine or Another magazine, with your Raquels, Lily's, Abby Lee's, Natasha Poly's running around and amusing your eyes, it's not easy anymore to adjust to the normal rave crowd here.
In Belgium, when you want to party hard, you can go nuts, in a place where lights are actually on because people are not that ugly you have to dance in complete darkness because otherwise you'd run away or have a bad trip...
No in Belgium or anywhere in Europe, cool people rave! Beautiful people rave!

So yeah... I think I might skip the raving in NY and keep it for Belgium.
New York's good for model and talk parties. Europe is good for dancing and shutting up parties.

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