Friday, September 5, 2008

Fortune is mine

At work today, I was craving something sweet.
I only found fortune cookies. Something sweet AND some wisdom!

This is what they said (I ate 4 of them)

1) There is somehting seeing and there is something being seen
.... What does the 1st part mean??
I am seeing things and things are seeing me? So that means I am paranoide?

2) The night life is for you
... ok... I need to start partying again. Bad influence these cookies!

3) Teach oneself by exploring the old and deducing the new.
... what is deducing??? But i do love history...

4) Take that luxury way, what you spent will get pay back.
... why would I take my luxury away? I don't even have luxury...

One thing: fortune cookies need a better Chinese/English translator.

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chan said...

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