Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Eyes out of my pockets

* That raw food hype.
I went to this restaurant. A raw food restaurant. A FANCY raw food restaurant.
Like I said: raw food means nothing baked. No meat. No fish. Nothing from animals.
I had something with tomatoes and a krisp and my sister had a burger.
Before I noticed my food was in front of me, I already swallowed it.
Then Natalie had a Classic sunday raw icecream (of course not made out of cream but I guess tofu or nut or soy or rice related shit) and I had a carrot cake...
I sneezed and my carrot cake was gone...
I enjoyed the fact that I was in a fancy hyped up rawfood restaurant. It felt very eighties yuppie American Psycho...
I can not say I want to eat there again. Another raw restaurant maybe yes... but not that one.
My stomach feels a bit weird.

* Raw Kombucha.
Fuck! I drink it every day now. Forget those stupid wannabee Kombucha drinks they sell in Europe in fucking every stupid coffeshop... Grow your own mushies, and drink the bastards!
Or buy the bottled ones:
Flavors: Gingerade with fresh ginger juice, Original, Multi Green with algue, spirulina...

* Fixed fucking gear fucking bikes!
Ok, I want to say FUCK one more time: FUCK! I hate fixies!!!
I hate people who ride them. I hate the bikes. I hate the fucking hype.
EVERYBODY rides one now. Even Wallstreet office workers, I guess.
And especially when you live in Williamsburg you owe a fixed gear bike. Be original pleeeeease...
It's a lot cooler to walk over the bridge (like I do, ha!). Or better: ride a normal bike. A casual, 3 gear bike you get when you turn 12... I still have mine and it's pretty cool...

* Wax
Why in NY or Sydney, is there on every corner of the street a place where you can do a brazilian wax. But in Belgium, when you ask for a brazilian wax, they 1st of all stare at you because they don't understand you (as in they don't understand the words), then they don't want to wax it off because they didn't learn that in school and they are not allowed....
Is there some kind of wax law now??? Fuck! Wax that shit off!

The confirming friend is in a bad mood I guess... It's the raw food that's playing games in my stomach...


Lies said...

Ice cream made out of nuts???? Write that on the list of "to-do when Lies gets here"!!!!!

P.S. Maybe eating will make you feel better? At the sound of it, you had AIR for lunch! Doink!


EMMA said...


It's true about the wax-thing!
In Belgium they look at me like i'm a fucking (one more time!) freak when I ask for a brazilian wax!

xx em