Friday, September 5, 2008

Eyes out of my pocket

Things I've noticed in New York during fashion week:
* Sluts
Yes, some models look like sluts.
While Natalie, Tom and I were doing our big casting, we've seen models wearing barely nothing.
You have the hardcore porn look: shiny black leggings, patent leather black spicky heels, sheer white shirt, straightened hair.
You have the innocent, but fuck me hard look: bikini, white sheer shirt or dress this short you wonder if they forgot their pants, a high heeled boot, and a big backpack.

* Muse
Designers have a muse. They give them advice and inspire them. Usually it needs to be a well known socialite, somebody that's in the media a lot, some one with money and nothing else to do... It's not that they get a pay cheque each month.

* Options
1st options, booking models, confirming them, having their fittings scheduled means nothing.
Model agencies don't care about it. More money is the only thing on their minds... de-confirming, 1st options turning into 2nd options... it's all possible.
It's as if your boss would say: "You're promoted!!!! ... ... No I'm just kidding, you're fired."

* Anna Wintour
It's all about waiting for Anna Wintour to come and check out your collection.
Oh wait, Saturday is US Open.... So Anna might come over to the showroom to check out the collection... But if the weather sucks, then she will come to see the show... It's monday today... How is the weather looking on freakin' Saturday???!!!

* Steven Meisel
Why does he ALWAYS needs to shoot during fashion week, not in NY but in LA????????
Your money on it, he'll hold ALL the models until the day before his shoot, making sure all casting agents loose their minds with no options and models for their show...

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