Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So far, it was a turbulent and interesting week. And we are only tuesday....

Saturday night I went on a little cruise around Paris.
Ended up at the Gareth Pugh after party and went to Regine.
This old 70's club taken over by the guys that manage Le Baron and by that lands in the list of coolest clubs and parties in Paris.
Nothing extraordinary happened besides me drinking a glass of champagne with ice cubes in it....

Sunday: Bruno Pieters' show.
Almost hitting photographers for taking pics of models changing. In particular this sneeky Asian b****. Grabbed her by her sweater and literally threw her out. F*** ing annoying c***. (I love swearing)

Monday: meeting with Wallpaper magazine during the day.
Tried to go to Martin Margiela show. Didn't work out. Kind of didn't have an invite for the show... duh!
Not to worry. Our dear friend A. puts us on the list for Patrick Demarcheliers exhibition in Le Petit Palais, off the Champs Elysees.
Black cars. Red Carpet. Big stairs. Loads of photographers.
I go inside. First person I see: Anna Wintour.
Presidents wife Carla Bruni was there too.
Naomi Campbell
All famous models: Lily Donaldson, Abby Lee, Anja Rubik, Angela Lindvall...
Craig McDean, Patrick Demarchelier, Johnny Haliday, ...
Pictures were auctioned for already €40000...
Funny story: I am standing next to Anouck and Jefferson talking a bit and looking around. Anouck has to take a phone call so she turns around. I am standing next to Jeffy while all of a sudden a smiling Milla Jovovich comes towards us and throws her hand at me and says: "Hello!!! I am Milla!" So I said: "Oh hello: I am Evelien" with a little polite smile.
Yes, you have that correct: SHE introduces her to ME!
As if I don't know who she is...
After the P.Demarcheliers show, Natalie and I joined this girl to her hotel.
Maybe you know who she is... Daddy has something to do with Harrods and The Ritz is her house basically....
Camilla Al Fayed is her name...
We joined her with her bodygard Clive to her house. The Ritz.
At The Ritz restaurant we joined tables together and some other friends of her came.
Next time you open a Blik or Hello magazine and see names such as: Stavros, Alexander, Olympia ... know that the confirming friend knows them now too... HAHAHHAHHAHAAA!!!
These guys are so rich, they live on another planet. One Russian girl was by far the richest at the table. Daddy is russian oil magnet or something... Clueless about the working crowd. Finds the fashion industry an amusement...
So yeah, hanging out with my new homies from the Ritz block, I realized, damned, I should just come and sit in this restaurant ALL the time!!
Of course I would sit there with Camila... My wallet doesn't support the prices in the restaurant...

After the Ritz, we went to Le Baron. Purple magazine party. Milla drunk dancing on the couches. Roison Murphy dressed in gold darteling around. Zoe Kravitz off her tits drunk up side down in the couches.
Me: sober, dancing, getting my picture taking for my cool outfit and absorbing all the info!

After that we made a stop at Regine.
Busy P for once not spinning but dancing!
Camilla, Alexander, Stavros, May Anderson, the Belstaff designers, ... EXTREMELY drunk!
Anouck, Natalie and me: DANCING like mothafucka's.
Camilla all of a sudden had a great idea to go to another place called the Pink Bank.
Next door of Regine.
I enter this long hallway in tiger carpet with every 5 steps a picture of a playboy bunny. I should have guessed what the club would have been. But I didn't...
So I enter and see 2 naked women on a stage with poles dancing.
YES: Pink Bank is an expensive strip club.
Nobody inside the club besides us and 4 men staring and getting horny.
The Belstaff boys had the great idea to get a lap dance. I was looking at it and thinking: WHAT'S the POINT???
You can't touch the women. They sit on your crotch and throw their silicon tits in your face and then after 10 minutes it's done and the guys are horny.... .
Really: tell my guys: WHAT'S THE POINT?

I left that club feeling out of place and too sober for that kind if pleasures....
But again: absorbed all info!!! hahhahahahaa!!!

Back at Regine we danced on Electric Feel and finally went home afterwards.
4:50: I am in bed.


Fashion week in Paris.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

One more thing

why is a manicure in Belgium expensive and in New york or Sydney extremely cheap???
the prices:
NY: $13
Sydney: AUS$18
Belgium: 27 EURO!!!!!

that's double the price for fuck sake!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Eyes out of my pockets

* That raw food hype.
I went to this restaurant. A raw food restaurant. A FANCY raw food restaurant.
Like I said: raw food means nothing baked. No meat. No fish. Nothing from animals.
I had something with tomatoes and a krisp and my sister had a burger.
Before I noticed my food was in front of me, I already swallowed it.
Then Natalie had a Classic sunday raw icecream (of course not made out of cream but I guess tofu or nut or soy or rice related shit) and I had a carrot cake...
I sneezed and my carrot cake was gone...
I enjoyed the fact that I was in a fancy hyped up rawfood restaurant. It felt very eighties yuppie American Psycho...
I can not say I want to eat there again. Another raw restaurant maybe yes... but not that one.
My stomach feels a bit weird.

* Raw Kombucha.
Fuck! I drink it every day now. Forget those stupid wannabee Kombucha drinks they sell in Europe in fucking every stupid coffeshop... Grow your own mushies, and drink the bastards!
Or buy the bottled ones:
Flavors: Gingerade with fresh ginger juice, Original, Multi Green with algue, spirulina...

* Fixed fucking gear fucking bikes!
Ok, I want to say FUCK one more time: FUCK! I hate fixies!!!
I hate people who ride them. I hate the bikes. I hate the fucking hype.
EVERYBODY rides one now. Even Wallstreet office workers, I guess.
And especially when you live in Williamsburg you owe a fixed gear bike. Be original pleeeeease...
It's a lot cooler to walk over the bridge (like I do, ha!). Or better: ride a normal bike. A casual, 3 gear bike you get when you turn 12... I still have mine and it's pretty cool...

* Wax
Why in NY or Sydney, is there on every corner of the street a place where you can do a brazilian wax. But in Belgium, when you ask for a brazilian wax, they 1st of all stare at you because they don't understand you (as in they don't understand the words), then they don't want to wax it off because they didn't learn that in school and they are not allowed....
Is there some kind of wax law now??? Fuck! Wax that shit off!

The confirming friend is in a bad mood I guess... It's the raw food that's playing games in my stomach...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My boots are made for kicking

I've ALWAYS wanted motor cycle boots.
The round toe ones with a big buckle...
Yesterday I went shopping at St-Marks and I finally found the pair I wanted.
Of course, it's not your regular pair of boots. But have I ever bought something regular??
I wouldn't be The Confirming Friend if i was regular... right??? huh huh

party ... schmarty

Partying in New York.
You'd think, if there is one place in the world where you can party, it'll be New York...
Right... but oh so wrong at the same time.

You either end up at parties surrounded with super models, celebs and the confirming friend (ha!) OR when you decide you want to rave like no other, you end up at parties surrounded by people ...
Just people.
Not beautiful.
Rather ugly.
Bad taste in everything and very normal american.
Spoiled as I am from going to parties like V magazine or Another magazine, with your Raquels, Lily's, Abby Lee's, Natasha Poly's running around and amusing your eyes, it's not easy anymore to adjust to the normal rave crowd here.
In Belgium, when you want to party hard, you can go nuts, in a place where lights are actually on because people are not that ugly you have to dance in complete darkness because otherwise you'd run away or have a bad trip...
No in Belgium or anywhere in Europe, cool people rave! Beautiful people rave!

So yeah... I think I might skip the raving in NY and keep it for Belgium.
New York's good for model and talk parties. Europe is good for dancing and shutting up parties.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Acqua with an M

Second show, MACQUA.
A German designer named Meike Vollmar. She designs beautiful little dresses, short skirts, feminin shapes, nicely tailored jackets that sit well with good fabrics.

I confirmed following models:
Rachel Clark


Jill Bauwens - BELGIUM ROCKS
Anouk - HOLLAND rocks a bit too

Diana Moldovan


New York models:



Heidi Rock

Casting in the middle of fashion week, for a brand that never showed in NY before, is not easy.
A new client, from Europe, with only a few connections and no big stylist... model agencies are not really impressed and don't really care in giving models.
On the other hand, with a bit of money, you can get fairly good girls.
Looking at the casting, I like what I achieved.
The girls all match, and the casting is consistent.
Cute faces and all girls I like.

The Confirming friend loves confirming!!

Monday, September 8, 2008


Why have a manicure and don't see it afterwards????
Go nuts with colors!!
The Confirming Friend just had a lila and now changed it into a poison green nail polish.
It's fun and it makes your hands and fingers interesting instead of just like everybody else.
It's like being a teenager again...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Fortune is mine

At work today, I was craving something sweet.
I only found fortune cookies. Something sweet AND some wisdom!

This is what they said (I ate 4 of them)

1) There is somehting seeing and there is something being seen
.... What does the 1st part mean??
I am seeing things and things are seeing me? So that means I am paranoide?

2) The night life is for you
... ok... I need to start partying again. Bad influence these cookies!

3) Teach oneself by exploring the old and deducing the new.
... what is deducing??? But i do love history...

4) Take that luxury way, what you spent will get pay back.
... why would I take my luxury away? I don't even have luxury...

One thing: fortune cookies need a better Chinese/English translator.


ADAM is the 1st show Natalie put me on.
Booked as the confirming friend, I've confirmed the following models for the SS09 ADAM show:

at Women:
Sheila Marquez

at DNA:
Ali Michael

at Supreme:
Amanda Laine

at One:

at Marilyn:
Iekeliene - HOLLAND rocks a bit too

at Trump:
Siri Tollerod

at Ford:
Jill Bauwens - BELGIUM ROCKS
Anouck - HOLLAND rocks a bit too

at Next:
Shu Pei

A cutsie show with cutsie models and cutsie clothes.
Just cute and funky!

Eyes out of my pocket

Things I've noticed in New York during fashion week:
* Sluts
Yes, some models look like sluts.
While Natalie, Tom and I were doing our big casting, we've seen models wearing barely nothing.
You have the hardcore porn look: shiny black leggings, patent leather black spicky heels, sheer white shirt, straightened hair.
You have the innocent, but fuck me hard look: bikini, white sheer shirt or dress this short you wonder if they forgot their pants, a high heeled boot, and a big backpack.

* Muse
Designers have a muse. They give them advice and inspire them. Usually it needs to be a well known socialite, somebody that's in the media a lot, some one with money and nothing else to do... It's not that they get a pay cheque each month.

* Options
1st options, booking models, confirming them, having their fittings scheduled means nothing.
Model agencies don't care about it. More money is the only thing on their minds... de-confirming, 1st options turning into 2nd options... it's all possible.
It's as if your boss would say: "You're promoted!!!! ... ... No I'm just kidding, you're fired."

* Anna Wintour
It's all about waiting for Anna Wintour to come and check out your collection.
Oh wait, Saturday is US Open.... So Anna might come over to the showroom to check out the collection... But if the weather sucks, then she will come to see the show... It's monday today... How is the weather looking on freakin' Saturday???!!!

* Steven Meisel
Why does he ALWAYS needs to shoot during fashion week, not in NY but in LA????????
Your money on it, he'll hold ALL the models until the day before his shoot, making sure all casting agents loose their minds with no options and models for their show...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

ooooh baby i like it Raaaaaaaaaaw!

In New York it's all about hypes...
It wouldn't be New York of course if there weren't any.
The new big thing for the moment is Raw food/Vegan/Organic.
You're a pussy if you're only a vegetarian, you might as well just eat meat then.
Since the moment I arrived here the only thing I've been eating are vegetables, tofu, hummus, fresh coconut water, fresh figs...
Of course I bought that at Whole Foods, mecca of Organic foods in NY.
You must be out of your freaking mind to NOT buy there!
And actually that's not exaggerated...
I was eeating baby carrots I bought from - oh kill my now!! - the REGULAR supermarket. Brand: Dole.
Ok: my fault... who buys carrots from a brand that's known for it's pineapples and bananas and canned fruit...
The carrots tasted like nothing... I was wondering for a second if they weren't just pieces of tame from a banana tree with a hint of carrot taste genetically put in there...
Since then I buy my fruits, veggies, milk, cookies, anything from the Organic supermarket.

But what I won't cave in for is the Raw/Vegan food hype...
Too complicated... although here they make it easy for you.
Raw/Vegan food doesn't only include raw vegetables, because you can't eat anything that comes from an animal neither can you eat something that's cooked or baked or smoked...
A little place on 8th street and Ave A makes all these great burgers, cookies, cakes, juices, pizza's...
It's all Tofu related and the Raw burgers are made with a dried toast instead of bread bun. (I think it's not easy to eat without spilling all the toppings...)
You don't have to starve yourself if you're Raw/Vegan... although it's a sure thing your wallet will starve... ( ha. ha. ha I'm so funny!! )
If you want to eat cheap, buy a twix for 0,79 cents... or a $1.00 McD burger.

Living in a non-organic USA would be harmful for you.
I would never touch a chicken or steak or egg that's not organic. If you want to have children with boobs at the age of 3, go ahead...
Luckily for the USA there is a little city called New York where people are so obsessed with their looks, they'd rather hang themselves than eat regular food.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Accesorizzzze me Love!

Why I love NY better.

Day 1 in NY.
I step into my Natalie's office...
Next to my beloved sister desk, is the desk of a gorgeous girl called Pamela Love.
Dear miss Pamela is besides being extremely beautiful also talented ...
Gifted with the art of making Accesories...
She makes rings, bracelets and chains and is inspired by animals.... or better parts of animals, like skulls, teeth, nails...
Apparently she was obsessed with dead animals when she was little. She'd dug up her pets after they died.

Here's a couple of things she makes...

The Confirming Friend already put a couple of rings aside....

Fat, Sweaty, Hairy and Smelly!

Of all jobs in the world, I wouldn't want to work in that place...

Why didn't they just call it Back and Foot MASSAGE ??