Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Myspace versus Facebook

Myspace: background: go nuts with fonts, colors, drawings...
Facebook: background: white and light blue... who the f*ck is this for??? freshly born baby boys???

Myspace: loves music, cool people
Facebook: I always hit on people who were in my school ... and a lot of them are not in music and not so cool...

Myspace: fun
Facebook: stiff

Myspace: undercover
Facebook: you fart and all your friends will know the smell 1 sec. later!!

Myspace: for young and old who like playing some games
Facebook: for adults who are boring... how many stupid games can you display?????? hot request... barbie request... slut request... pimp request... f*ck!

Myspace: good place for voyeurs
Facebook: why do I need to add the person before I can check their profile??

Myspace: click on a box that says: no mails from myspace
Facebook: my mailbox gets clogged up with 10000000000 mails about who sent what to who and why and when... fart!

The Confirming Friend would say that Myspace wins.
But the Confirming Friend also has a Facebook profile.
Wouldn't one be hypocrit to say that one is better than the other if one has both?
I like Myspace better!

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