Sunday, July 13, 2008

Von Jet Lag

Like I said in my last post, I have been a bit jet lagged and out of my routine.
It's alright when you don't have a job and can relax... But when you have to perform and work your ass of, a jetlag is NOT funny.

Things to know about a jetlag and how to get rid of it easily:
* Your body needs to recover one full day for one hour time difference!!
* Be fit. Getting on a plane tired and exhausted is not good. Get enough sleep and don't stress out before getting on the plane. It's a good thing to be a bit earlier than a bit late.
* All you drunken sailors: leave the alcohol! Alcohol works stronger on a plane and you will sep off drunk and hung over... Nothing worse than start your day with a headache...
* Don't get me wrong, food is good... But getting 5 meals on a 20 hour flight is not necessary!!
Your body doesn't digest the food well, because you don't have enough room and you're not really moving. That can cause serious stomach and colon problems, which is one of the reasons for a jetlag.
* The pressure in the plane and the dry air is not so good. It causes headaches, dry skin and throath. DRINK WATER!!! MOISTURIZE!!!! 
Who cares you need to run to the toilet 100000 times?? Think about the future of your face!!!
* People who live irregularly won't get affected by a jetlag so much, than people who're on schedule.

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