Tuesday, July 8, 2008

ich bin ein berliner

I have to admit. I haven't been of any use lately with posting up stuff on my informing blog about ... stuff.
I have a reason:
* jetlag
* sadness about the jetlag
* Hugo Boss show at Berlin fashion week
and it's the last one that already drives me a tiny bit crazy.
But besides working like a mad woman for the show, whilest adjusting to the belgian life style again, I am going to the Berlin fashion week.
You should also go!
Reasons why:
it's another fashionweek. NY, Milan, Paris is NOT enough twice a year...
it's about fashion. and fashion designers. and fashion clothes.
it's watching models walk fashionshows.
it's going to the after parties of fashionshows.
it's in berlin.... checking out, like, culture stuff and, like, fashion

What else can I say that will involve the word Fashion???

See you there my friends!!

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