Friday, July 4, 2008

Mommy, I want a treat - part 4

It's red, it grows on a tree and it's Chinese...
It's GOJI Berries!!!!
What's so good about them:
In China they're mostly used as medicine, but they are also useful in the kitchen or as a tea or as a facemask even.
It helps you to get rid off acne and it's the new anti-aging product because it's packed with polysaccharides that has a positive effect on cel renewal.
It helps you sleep better and deeper.
It helps you losing weight.
It contains: vitamine C, selenium, germanium, proteinen and minerals.
It has a good effect on your kidneys and other organs.
It's packed with anti-oxidants.
You get a more positive view of life and that's why in China they call them the Happy Berries!
Last but not least: it has positive effects on your libido....


distortom said...

For ALL those reasons, I want GOJI BERRIES, right now.

lien said...

Goji Berries? nog nooit van gehoord? kun je da hier in belgiƫ kopen? kwilt eens proeven