Monday, June 16, 2008


A good pair of sneakers is necessary in your wardrobe.
The Confirmng Friend used to love high top Nikes or Reeboks.
But the ones that are really important to me now (and always have been) are Vans.
I'd say I even prefer a good pair of Vans above a pair of Converse!
When I say a good pair of Vans, I mean the men's classic lace ups (no slip ons and no high tops)
I also think every boy/guy should have a couple of pairs...
A bit of History:
Founded on March 15, 1966 by Steve Van Doren in Southern California, it was originally known as Van Doren Rubber Company. The shoes were primarily aimed to the skateboarder/surfer youth market.
You know that at first, Vans shoes were produced in the store??
Vans would take a custom order from the customer, then have it ready for pick-up a few days later.
- you can still do this online if you want -
In the 70's slip on Vans got really popular all over the States, but they gain international attention and appeal when in 1982 they are worn by Sean Penn in the film Fast Times at Ridgemont High. (Sean... you gotta love him)
The rest of the story is pretty boring:
Vans goes bankrupt... They sell the company to an investment bank firm, and HUPSA, they are out of miserie and on the international market!
Today: Sold in skateshops around the world, who cares about the history??!! They're awesome shoes!


(if i keep repeting it, who knows, Vans gives me a pair for free when they read this!)

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Dj Saez said...

yes vans and only vans!!! the classic ones are called authentics and you can't go wrong. in fact i recently retired a white pair of authentics to the confirming friend...