Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Do you know that an average middle-aged person can carry up to 7 kilo's of clogged up dirt in their colon????
So, cleaning out the irrigation can never do any harm.

Take one liter of hot water. Put 2 teaspoons of sea-salt in it.
Drink it in one go, right after you woke up.
Saltwater doesn't get absorbed by the body. It sticks together and it will go right through your stomach into your colon and push it's way through until you are on the toilet...

What to expect?
Be aware: a colon cleanse is not a fun thing to do.
First of all: you run to the bathroom the whole day through. You can not go to work at all!
Secondly: you get emotional. A Colon Cleanse will purge old emotions and attitudes stored in the intestines.
Last but not least: it not only takes the bad things out, but the good stuff also. Make sure you get your Pro and Prebiotics in there again asap.

The Confirming Friend did NOT like it.
You might as well just drink a laxative tea... Sitting on the toilet the whole day AND yelling, crying, laughing, hyper, depressed ALL day long... No Thank You.
Eating only fruit and vegetables (no sugar and fried stuff) and drinking only water (no caffeine) cleanses you enough.


LEON said...

I've got my sister and my mom constantly telling me that I'm too skinny. Both my mom and my sister gained weight lately, it's very noticeable. Does it make me a bad person to think of them as weak people? I mean, I feel like that when I see them eating.

Anonymous said...

hmmm fruit & veg are carbohydrates i.e. sugars ...