Thursday, June 26, 2008

I think a baby ate my dingo - part 2

Tropical North Queensland. I love it!
It has the oldest rain forest in the world AND it has 1 of 7 wonders of the world: The Great Barrier Reef.
After driving through the rain forest and trying to spot crocodiles (they're everywhere, but not the day I went of course... lame!) I needed something more adventurous and opposite of the LAND. What else can it be than the SEA.
A trip to the reef was not an option but a MUST.
Talking about some hardcore eco-tourism!

Anyway, here are some things I think are necessary for the big swim:

* Sea sickness tablets....
Of course, I had to go to the Outer Reef. Which is... yes... far from the land... AND i had to go when the ocean was so rough, some of the boats didn't sail out because tourists would drown....
So imagine a 1 hour boat ride, with the boat jumping up meters high. People clinging on to the rail trying to vomit over the edge.
Luckily, the Confirming Friend ate 3 sea sickness tablets right before we left AND kept on eating herbal ginger tablets throughout the day.
It was a bit rough on the stomach, but I didn't get sick AND I could even enjoy lunch and biscuits on the boat!
Just remember to eat them the whole day through, because there is also a return trip ...

* Underwater camera's
Your partner and yourself should both have one. Being more adventurous and faster and just more adhd than my partner, i was happy to have a camera of my own. Otherwise it would have been a pointing and shouting in the water through my snorkel and the boat people probably would have mistaken it for me drowning...
Also, it's fun taking pictures of fish and of your partners ass in the water.

* Sun Tan Lotion. SPF 30
Rub your back MORE than your front... Thinking of the wrinkles on my face, I plastered my face with the lotion and tried to put some on my back.
But the impatient-ness kicked in and I jumped in the water and snorkeled like no other Confirming Friend can snorkel!
Result: burnt back. Luckily it's winter now, so it's only 27C and the sun is less hardcore than in summer...

* Keep your hands and feet high enough
You don't want to mess with some of the coral... And you don't want to have fish attacking you. Mind you, most fish are nice, but if I was to be a fish and I had tourists hanging over me watching every step I do, and trying to touch me.... F***, I'd bite one just for fun!

That's about it!
No need to bring snorkel gear as the boats provide everything you want.... you also pay enough money to do such a trip... but it was worth it!!!!!!
The Confirming Friend loves the Aristocat boat and it's crew.

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Lies said...

't Is daar maar 27°C in de winter, oh god toch...


Still very happy with my Belgian tan, worked very hard for it, haaaaaaaah!!